anyone know anything about lidocaine cream?

So I was over at city data and this post caught my attention because it was on laser hair removal. The people responding had positive things to say but this second post was scary as well as sad.

Does anyone here use this stuff to numb the area first? I wonder what happened to her. Will definitely be looking in to this. Earlier today I just read on these forums someone’s journal where they used this and had no problems.

That was a well-publicized case where the patient (certainly contrary to the pharmacist’s advice) applied lidocaine cream over a MUCH larger area than they should have. This placed far too much lidocaine into their bloodstream, resulting in death. Numbing creams should never be applied to areas larger than a few square inches at a time, precisely for this reason. The body’s ability to metabolize the anesthetic is limited and using any anesthetic over 5% concentration presents this risk.

There were a couple reported deaths and they were all related to using an improperly compounded cream on a very large area and leaving it on for too long. All those factors created this disastrous result.

If you use a properly compounded cream from a good pharmacy and follow directions, you will be fine.

Thanks LAgirl. That’s really good to know.

i used it on my upper lip and chin yesterday, still alive! felt that it didn’t reach down into my skin enough though, the session still hurt like hell and i cried like a wimp. next time i leave it on for longer than an hour.

Did you apply it properly? How long was it on? Was it a thick layer?