Anyone know about Syneron Elos laser/RF technology?

I’ve had several consults with practices around here that use LightSheer and Lyra-i lasers. I just recently learned about the combination laser/RF machines and discovered that there is one around here.

I talked with the administrator, who offered me a free treatment and I guess the treatments are going to cost around $110 for my face or neck, which is much cheaper than any of the other lasers. He thought there would be less pain, reddness, etc afterwards compared to the lasers, but said that the results might not be as fast.

Does anyone know much about these lasers and can enlighten me on any of the detials of them?


Or can you point me somewhere where I can find some objective info other than their website?

The Comet is much better than the Aurora or Galaxy. I had some initial success with the Aurora but I got diminishing returns and I needed more fluence than it could provide. The Comet uses diode laser and has twice the RF and optical fluence of the Aurora.

I have been treated with the Aurora, Lyra-i, and Lightsheer lasers. I would choose either the Lyra-i or Lightsheer over the Aurora any day. The Comet is a different story. I am interested in trying it, but it is not available in my area.

If you have dark skin, go with the Lyra-i. If you are type III or lighter, go with the Lightsheer. If you are a type IV and your tan will fade some, then you can use the Lightsheer if you have a good practitioner.

Let us know what you decide and please keep us updated on your results.


I just found all of the previous posts on the Comet. I somehow didn’t realize that the Comet was this type of laser. I need to call the office tomorrow and figure out if they have the Comet or Aurora.

Unfortunately, I have a few issues the Lightsheer and Lyra. I’m not comfortable with the Lyra technician. She is using the 4mm size and there are just a few things about her that make me a little leery. The LS is a little more painful, but after having a few test spots done I look like I have a hicky on my neck for over a week. I can’t imagine having my ENTIRE neck or face look like that. So I’m sort of hoping for good luck with the ELOS stuff.

The 4 mm spot size is way too small for hair removal IMHO. The 10mm was used on my beard with excellent results. The fact that they are using such a small spot size would concern me too.

Do you have type IV or darker skin? If so the Lightsheer may not be the best choice for the beard area. The Nd:YAG lasers are excellent for not causing post treatment redness. It has what I call a “high pain to redness ratio.” By that I mean you can really feel the deep penetration of the longwave pulses, which to me means more effective treatment, but yet there is not much post treatment redness at all.

Here is a good source of Nd:YAG laser information . It has FAQ and a price schedule.

The Aurora was also very good at not leaving post treatment redness. Since you are having your neck and/or beard done, the hair there is probably coarse, so the Aurora may be a good place to start. The fluence is probably sufficient for the coarse hair, at least to start.


I found out that the place appears to have the Galaxy model. It seems to have a smaller spot size and slower frequency 1 vs 2hz. Do you know anything else about the Galaxy and how it compares with the others? I have type III-IV skin. I guess the other option is to see if the Lyra tech could use the 1cm spot size.


Galaxy hair removal handpiece is similar to the Aurora.

I would get a test spot with the Galaxy, and I would ask the Lyra-i tech about using the 10mm spot size.


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