Anyone know a product to make hair grow back slower & less visibly?

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I am going away for the summer and getting a bikini wax before I go. I prefer not to shave my bikini line as it is much less effective, causes razor bumps, and doesn’t last as long as waxing. I’m going to be gone for 5 weeks without access to a waxing salon and really don’t want to deal with having to shave my bikini line all the time and getting razor bumps too. I was hoping someone might know a product that I could use after getting a bikini wax (hopefully something stronger than Jergens naturally smooth shave minimizing lotion.)I called my dermatologist who recommended I try Vaniqa, however, it’s apparently only for facial hair. Anyone know something that works for bikini lines? Thanks!

Answer: hair stop plus by surgi cream. slows growth, does not stop it.

would i have to buy that online, or is it available in stores?

You can make Hair Growth Inhibitor at home.
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I bought Jergens shave minimizing lotion and decided to try it for several months and see how it works…I’ve read posts all over the internet with about 50% saying it worked and 50% saying it didn’t. I do think it is interesting that in the past there were several major companies out with a product that says it makes the hair over time grow back slower and finer…now I found that several of these companies have discontinued these products…I don’t know if it is lack of success of the product or lack of success in sales.

I tried the jergen’s minimizing lotion on my legs for several weeks a few years ago. The result? Yes, some of the hair did grow back thinner and finer. The problem, still occurring years later? Some of the hairs are too fine to break the surface of the skin, leaving lots of ingrowns. I recommend staying away from this stuff!