anyone know a permanent hair removal machine?

hey, im new here and i was wondering if there is any type of permanent hair removal machiene that works, that you can buy??? does that kind of stuff even exist??? or is electrolosys the only approach?

If you are doing it at home, electrolysis is your only option, and really, why would you want to try to do it at home. Don’t you want it done right? Would you propose to do your own dentistry?

Most people who buy workable home use products give up on it somewhere between the first attempt, and the first 90 days. They all seem to come by the notion that it is not so easy that a trained chimp could do it.

well thanx for letting me know.


I can attest to what James is saying. The machines that you can buy cheaply are limited to DC electrolysis aka galvanic, which is only one of the modalities available on a professional machine. Galvanic is the slowest method in terms of time per hair, requiring anywhere fom 7 to 21 seconds each, with an average discomfort threashold. You can go out and get a potentiometer, a small pin vise made out of metal, a 9-volt battery and a piece of aluminum bar and get the same thing saving about $180. There are other posts here that explain the method.

As far as my experience as a DYI, I gave up after about 6 treatments and some very minor pitting on my upper lip. As I needed to explore other career paths at the time, I opted for electrology. I now have a good knowlege of the topic, which has led me to other professionals for work in areas like the face, as well as the areas that I can’t reach. Any electrologist who works on their own face has at least one fool for a client!

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If you are treating areas other than your face and you have more time than money, there are home solutions that can work for those that have the patience and can develop the eye/hand coordination to do proper electrolysis. See for some guidelines.

You can buy a One Touch unit for $30, although if you can do simple soldering, you can make a much sturdier unit for about twice the price, as described on the website.

I’ve removed all my under arm and pubic hair at home with these devices, so it is not impossible. However most people prefer to just let a pro do it for them, just like I don’t want to work on my own car.