Anyone in the UK with a One Touch?

Hey im looking to buy the One Touch, but because im 16, dont have a credit card/chequebook to buy one online with…so has anyone in the UK bought one in a shop, or know of shops that sell them?

thanks a lot

ive got one in the UK that i want to get rid of as its stuck on setting number 2 which may work for most people but id like it slightly stronger.
apart from that it works perfectly and is hardly used.

I bet that that can work for Nick :smile: .
If anyone else knows of any other One Touch that someone wants to get rid of, can that someone contact me? I am interested took and like Nick, I don’t have a credit card and live in South America. Thanks in advance for info on any other One Touch available!

Allowit I would be interested in that, but since ive never used one before, I would like the option of having all the settings. Where did you get yours from?

i got it from folica, if you want one let me know because i might order another one because the current one has a broken dial.