Just wondering if there are any females in dallas that want to talk about our unwanted hair problem and be friends. Also it is better to get a friend to do the home electrolyses for you with the one touch. Is anyone interested in helping me while i help you to? If you just want to talk email me at

Should you find a hair removal buddy to trade work on, the two of you should spring for a pro machine. You will get quicker results and if you do your homework, better looking skin when you are done.

As to your post script on why cant a better way be found, consider that it is no secret that the person who developes what you have outlined would become a BILLIONAIR. Doesn’t the fact that a REAL solution like what you describe has NOT materialized is proof that it is not as simple as it may sound? Since skin is hair, is nails (same chemical compound produced by the body and always in contact with the weaker forms of the same material) the problem has always been, "How do you destroy the harder material, without destroying the weaker, but more desirable material, namely THE SKIN!

I wish you luck, now go buy The Blend Method by Mike Bono, Cosmetic and Medical Electrolysis by Richards and Meharg, and Fino Gior has a good book too called Modern Electrology.