Anyone here from NYC? i'm getting a great rate at a great clinic....


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I have just begun researching for a clinic in nyc, I really know nothing about the kinds of lasers available etc, let me know how it goes and if you would recommend the place you are going to.
I am looking to remove the hair on my lower legs, I am very Pale skinned with coarse black hair, any suggestions?
and Good Luck!

From what i’ve read Diode light sheer is the most effective and i highly recommend this place. Both practitioners (erika and richard the owner) have been using laser since 1999 and 2000 respectively. Plus the great deal. I just came back from my first round. I have darker skin so she went a little conservative. I booked 3 sessions for a total of $500. Great price. the number is (212) 979-5515. Erika was my laser practitioner, i had a good experience. p.s. Laser is not permanent, it is long term w/ less maintenance than waxing. I think in the long run it is less costly and more convenient than waxing and that’s why i chose it. After the initial 6 treatments, I have little expectation beyond going every 4 months for the rest of my (sex)life. (got my brazilian done today, yipee!)

I highly rec’d this place based on the type of laser, experience of the practitioners and they are nice people to work with. If you are going to go through w/ it, i say just call 'em and get it over with. To get my pricing, try mentioning my name and see if they’ll do it for you too. Now excuse me while i go ice down my booty.

just make sure you keep us updated. i’m in jersey and need to find a good place, but i don’t know anybody that has done this and can recommend one. i can’t wait to rid myself of this hair!!

Do they have a web site? Thanks.

PS: and how do we know you’re not the owner of the place? :smile:

Yes. Here’s the website. I had a low # of joules when i first went in, my skin is pretty dark, but i’ve been lightening the area w/ Hydro-Q since my first session almost 5 weeks ago, my second treatment is about a week. I had a great deal of reduction, and can’t wait for my 2nd.

Here is the web site. These are older photos, it looks a little more modern now, he’s been working w/ laser since 2000 or 2001, and Erika has been since 1999.

Oh, and you know i’m not the owner b/c i’ve been on this site for a long time, while constantly asking questions about whether to get laser or not. Finally someone just said “stop researching and just do it”, and i did. i was really glad they gave me the push.

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Here’s the update, 2nd session, brazilian diode laser. Hair is falling out, no scabbing.