Anyone heard of the Boots smoothskin ipl?

I have read and researched a lot on Tria and Silk n as wanted it for maintenance on already professionally lasered area - (12+ treatments on each body area)

But then found out the Boots (UK) version has a lot of hype and stronger than the Silk’n.
I researched it and looked at studies as well as blogs where people have used it for over a year -ie stopped treatment and then reported 6 months to a year later…I assume they were in the initial studies as it hasn’t been out that long.

Anyway don’t blast me, I know you are very criticial posters but wanted to know your professional not critical view on this study and the technicals of the product:

It is what swayed me to try it, the lady said I could try it and if didn’t see results I could return it out of the 30day return thing.

Also I read on cyden

I was hesitant about the other home products as I have continiously read they cannot be permanent but according to these studies these Drs (and seemingly legit ones -the study is by a Dr who works in laser protection?? if I remember correctly) are saying that this reduction is permanent.

So please read and see if you think that this new technology can work?

I know in the UK, people have been buying it and seeing results, I’m just a bit cautious and also curious to see how it works and why it is passed in journals and such? can this new ipulse do as it claims and really work at lower settings

Sorry if this is in the wrong place, feel free to move, but couldn’t find an IPL one apart from the referrals one…

Hi sweetangel, I don’t have time to read the study but here’s the main issue. The power required to kill a hair permanently, is very high. It’s for this reason that it’s almost impossible for a home device to work, only because if used incorrectly it would burn your skin. So the problem is that I don’t think a home device would ever be approved that has the same power as a professional one just due to that reason alone. The thing with a professional clinic is that they’re going to know when people have come in and how far apart the treatments are. They wouldn’t let you do a treatment then a day later do it again for example, but there’s nothing stopping a home user from doing that. If you google laser burns online to see what a professional laser can do when used incorrectly, it’s easy to see why it would be hard to allow something like this at home!

The power is still too low on this. What are your goals? No home machine will get you permanent results. It’s not clear what you mean by maintenance…would you be happy with temporary results?

These studies don’t indicate enough treatments. They show at most 40% reduction after 3 treatments. That’s not enough treatments. As you can already see, the hairs are starting to come back…by looking at that chart. If they waited longer (i.e. extended this chart another 6 months), you’d see all the hair back.

If you’re looking for a temporary solution for maintenance, any of these 3 devices are likely fine, though Tria may be more powerful and slightly better. If you’re looking for permanent maintenance, I would not buy any of them.

then how can they clain that they have found a pulse or width or whatever it is, that is actually effective and permanent? what they call ‘ipulse’?

that’s what baffles me. surely these big research centres don’t lie. I can understand companies make fake claims, i remember buying that ridiculous radio electrology thing when in teens in hope I would be hair free.
But this is through Boots centre for innovation…

You’d think if they made products like Protect and perfect serum that was on some documentary and scientists said it helped…that they wouldn’t be behind products that are just gonna be long term waxing

and now gilette are gonna bring a home laser out…

They bend the truth because they can get away with it. Also, it’s not that hard and not unknown for a doctor to get paid to endorse a product or run a study where he can tweak things like timing to show a desired marketable result.

The pulse, joules, etc required to heat up the follicle enough to actually cause permanent damage to the follicle is known. And these conditions won’t be available in home use products because they’re not safe for home use. Think about it this way - if these home machines providedt the same results, why wouldn’t all professional clinics be using them instead of the $50K+ machines?

LAGirl, should I be concerned then that I just had a full body laser treatment at a new salon here in Yorkville in Toronto and they used the Silk’n on me??

Jk :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, what I would be concerned with is them charging anything close to professional treatment costs.

Hi LAgirl, I know you are very much an expert on lasers and such. Did you see the study where they claimed they found a low pulse or something with a different setting can be permanent?

You are right, surely the professional clinics would be bankrupt then!! The boots says it has two versions,one home and then they do salon versions but I can bet that they are definitely higher and not ‘ipulse’ well at 50,000 i would expect it to be!

Omg, definitely be concerned unless they charged u pennies. I know in UK pounts Silk’n is about £300 …600dollars or so… …I can understand the full body would take a lot of pulses or shots and silk’n lamp head does need to be replaced afer 5,000 is it? but still how much did you pay??

Wow, i was just thinking when some small clinics who do waxing,would branch into home laser and charge people for it…
to be honest if it was suitably cheaper, then it may even be appealing to some…
Do US clinics have to be registered with the healthcare commission?

i think next time please research what deal or machine etc you are getting…after all silk’n is as LA girl and many other say, not proven yet to be permanent and I haven’t heard good reviews apart from u still get shedding and a longer hair free period and finer hair inbetween…

if ur paying, go for the real thing!!

Guys I was kidding! I thought my signature and the “jk” would give everyone the hint :stuck_out_tongue:

sweetangel, LHR has now been around for 12 years. The parameters for getting results are well known.