Anyone heard anything about these places?

Hello all, thanks for the advice so far.

I’m planning some consultations in the next few weeks. I did some searching online and came across:

American Laser Centers
American Laser Clinics

Anyone heard anything good, bad or otherwise?



these are chains, so there is one or 2 in many cities. they basically vary by location and the specific tech you will get. can’t evaluate them overall since it really depends on how much the person who’s doing your treatment cares about it. it’s not a private practice, so it could go either way. the techs don’t have any financial investment in it, so some might not care whether you get good or bad results etc. so use your best judgement. i personally prefer smaller clinics that have personal interest in your results.

I do go to American Laser Centers in Novi Michigan, I have had no problems. Though they usually have several techs who work there. I have found I like two of them the best, and really try to get them every time I make my appointments. I also checked online at the better business bureau to find out if they have had any complaints and what not. I like them, because I plan on moving and they are a very big chain. But definately research a few companies, physicians. I went to a few places before picking them.

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