Anyone hear of the Zeet Waxing hair removal?


Hey People,
I sawn an advertisment for a waxing hair removal called Zeet. I t was like these chicks were goin on a Safari and the one didn’t wanna shave for 3 weeks so she used Zeet…and it did the job for 3 weeks! Sounds appealing but i’m not sure if i wanna waste my money. If anyone has tried this product or has an oppinion please give me all the info you know! thanx so much…


Welcome, MegyJ14!

Zeet is a good product, but any wax will probably allow you to go three weeks between waxings. Most people can go 2 to 8 weeks from waxing.


I think I know about the product you are talking about…over here in the UK it is called Immac or “Veet” I found it pretty good as far as home waxing products go. The wax stays thin long enough for you to complete the area to be waxed, but one piece of advice: make sure that the roller is securely fastened to the base as the last thing you ant is water dripping on your leg during the application of wax!

How has it gone? have you found any other products that are better? I would love to hear about them.