anyone have long term effects of being hair free?

I’ve been sitting on sidelines reading the different opinions, experiences posted on this site.

So I’ve finally took the step to laser, which was my chin area. Its been 3weeks since my 1st laser treatment, my 2nd treatment is next week. (35 strenght yag laser) So far most of hair on my chin fallen out. Just a few sparce hairs still visible. I’ve had this problem since I was 16yrs old, my method of removal was tweezing every day ,wax weekly. So far things look and feel great on my chin, I cant help from touching my smooth chin :smile: I feel more confident now when talking someone face to face. But how long will this last??

As for the question, has anyone seen a long lasting effect where hair hasn’t come back for long period of time and if so how long?

I was told by my technician i’ll need 6-8 treatments. I’m happy doing touchups every few months long as I don’t have to go back to my old ways of hair removal.

PS. I am on medication for my hair prob, currently taking Spironlactone 100 mg 2x aday.