Anyone have advise on laser hair removal??

Hi everyone, I just found this site and was searching the forum and decided to post… I am a 21 year old female and live in Anchorage, Alaska and am interested in getting laser hair removal done on my lower stomach/abdomen area for the first time (below the navel down to the panty line). Has anyone ever had this procedure done on this area of their body?? If so, what were the results??? Also, does professional waxing work well for this area of the body??
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I’m getting the stomach area done with laser. laser works best on light skin and dark coarse hair. if you have very thin hair, electrolysis might be better for permanent removal. waxing is fine for that area, but may cause ingrowns and it’s not permanent.

Thanks for the info, please let me know if your laser treatment is successful!
Thank you!

results ARE much better on coarse bikini and underarm hair which is almost completely gone. it is taking longer for the stomach and I have to up the settings next time. the hair is much finer there.

thanks for the update!.. How long have you been getting laser done on your stomach and do u have any idea how long it will take for the hair to be completely gone??
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I’ve had 2 full treatments. I expect to have another 2 or 3 tops.

wow! that doesn’t seem like very many treatments… so after those 5 treatments all the hair should be gone permanently??

(sorry for all the silly questions, but i don’t know too much about the process and am eager to learn more so i can possibly have the procedure done soon)

yes, usually most people need 5-8 treatments to get rid of the hair permanently. some finer sparse hairs may remain, depending, that laser won’t be able to target anymore because those don’t have as much pigment that laser needs, but those can be taken care of with electrolysis at that point. if all hair is dark and coarse, the results are the cleanest.

wow, a lot less treatments than i thought it would take, sounds great

do you know if there is usually any permanent change in skin color or scarring in that area where you’re getting the laser treatment done??

laser only targets dark pigment, so if your skin is light, it won’t touch the skin, just the dark hair. with darker skins, a special Yag laser should be used which is made specifically to avoid burning dark skin.

you won’t have any issues with an experienced tech. the only way to get burned is if your skin is darker and the tech uses too high of settings. that’s rare and that’s why it’s important to find an experienced tech - both for best results and to avoid problems. even if you get burned, it’s not usually permanent damage if you take care of it. but that’s not something that’s normal or usual. most people dont have any issues. i didn’t have any issues. even the redness goes away in under an hour. then the hair sheds within 2-3 weeks and you’re hairfree for a few more weeks.

the reason it takes 5-8 treatments or so btw is because hair grows in 3 phases, and you can only kill it in the first growth phase, anagen stage. you need several treatments in order to catch all hairs in this phase to kill.