Anyone had his/her head (scalp) lasered?


I’m 30, and starting to notice thinning at the crown of my head, and have long-since decided to keep my head shaved… I think I look good with a shaved head, and that shaved head beats thin/patchy baldness anyday. Well, shaving my head daily is turning out to be a bit of a chore (especially for someone who doesn’t like to shave), and have looked into having it removed permanently…

From what I’ve read so far, looks like I’ll just be shaving from here til eternity… cost and results seem to be wildly variable by individual, and I don’t think I’m prepared to make that gamble. I think I could hire someone to shave my head for me for the next 10 years for cheaper.

However, I’m still curious if anyone has had hair removed from his/her head - seems to me that it would be a lot more costly since the hair is denser, and more painful since there is bone right there for the whole thing.

Perhaps since I know I only want cranial hair removed, it’d be a lot cheaper? I’d love to have more body hair, just not on my head (well, not on just 1/2 my head!)

I suppose in a few years maybe the price will have come down, or advances made that make it less of a gamble… but paying thousands of dollars to have patchy regrowth on my head would be such a huge let-down, since the whole point would be to not need to shave (and avoid people seeing where there is hair and no hair, even when freshly shaved).


I have the thinning crown too… I use electric clippers to keep it short as possible… easy enough to do… you have to have a good shaped head to go bald, which I think I have…

The problem with shaving for me is the fact that firstly, it ruins a razor… and secondly, I end up missing a patch or two on the back… it grows out to ‘not noticeable’ after a few days, but I do have to ask my daughter if I have missed any bits… LOL

I think the hair density is highest on the head, so you will have a time of it trying to get them all permanently removed… but anything is possible, I suppose… Have you asked your partner (presuming you have a partner) if they would like to shave you sometimes… you may be surprised at the answer… LOL

Good luck with whatever you pursue,



Laser hair removal or electrolysis for head hair removal would be a HUGE undertaking with a lot of money, time, pain, and recovery time involved. I imagine almost no one would be willing to do what it would require to permanently removal all head hair.

Check around. Some places will revise your hairline or remove botched hair grafts, but you’ll probably have a hard tiome finding somone who has done a whole head, let along done it well. I’d want to see the consumer who went through all that.