Anyone had a DermaFlash facial?

I saw a “daily deal” website deal today for a a DermaFlash facial. I was wondering if anyone has had one done.
here is the description:
The DermaFlash facial starts with a relaxing deep cleansing treatment, followed by a triple exfoliation to gently remove the top layer of dead, dry skin (along with unwanted hair).

Next, a customized peel will leave you with an instant rosy glow—not to mention baby-soft skin.

I’m a little worried/skeptical about the hair removal part. I have a lot of fine blond (several fine dark) hair on my face, could something like that stimulate growth?

Induced growth aside, I think it would make the skin look unnnatural.

I doubt it would stimulate growth, but the new hair when it grows back may be more visible since it hasn’t been lightened by sun exposure etc.