Anyone get skin damage from ipl hair removal?

Just wondering if anyone has had skin damage from ipl hair removal? I have had it done on my face . Last treatment about 5 months ago. Ended up with stimulation of hair bit can’t see any skin damage. Just hope it stays that way. Just interested in other peoples experiences

I’m not sure I understand your question. Where are you getting that it’s even remotely possible?

Hello Kiwichic, I had 2 laser treatments done on my sides, chin, and upperlip. She used the Isolaz laser which is IPL, I believe, She didn’t tell me that at the time and had found out on my own. The first session she did, I had burn marks on my chin. Thankfully, they went away in a week or so. I let her know about this the next session and she used a lower strength pulse in the area I was burned. This time as well it looked as if my chin had cuts but they were lines where I was burned.

That’s when I stopped my treatments and am starting electrolysis now.

This isn’t permanent damage to the skin. It’s just burns due to inappropriate settings and they all resolve themselves.