Anyone get out of a package deal?

I pre-paid for a 5 treatment package deal. After my first treatment, I had no reduction on legs and bikini, and only about 10% at the most on underarms. It’s been 5 weeks since treatment, and I’m supposed to go in next week for my second treatment. Since the first one was so unsuccessful, I think I want OUT of the package “deal”. Anyone have any success getting their money back? Help is appreciated. I’m out of a lot of $$$. Thanks.

I think you need to go at least three times before deciding it isn’t working. Hair grows in cycles. Even if the laser was 100% sucessful on all the hairs you had 5 weeks ago, now totally new ones are growing in. The current hairs weren’t even active previously.

When I did my treatments, they made a very big deal about waiting at least 10 weeks between treatments because that is how long it takes to be dealing with totally different active hairs than the previous time.

I’m surprised to read how many people here have had their treatments much closer together. I think that is probably a waste of money. You are just treating the same hairs over and over again, but not treating the ones that will become active in a few months.

talk to them about lack of results and have them try raising the settings. ask for a free reshoot. and yes, at any time only some hair is in first phase of growth, which is when it can be killed. also, treatments should be 6-8 weeks apart when you start, and 8-10 weeks after a few treatments. most hair’s first phase of growth lasts up to 3 weeks on avg or so, so it’s best not to go on a particular schedule, but when you see a bunch of hair come in. main thing here is to get hair right when it comes in, within 3 weeks or so to be most effective, because hair is most vulnerable then.