Anyone from Phoenix, Arizona?

I am looking for a good place to possibly start electrolysis sessions in Phoenix, Arizona, and have found many places, but not many reviews so I would really like to hear from other people in the area who can tell me what places to avoid (rip offs, disfigurement, etc.) and what places are good (good prices, effectiveness, etc.). Thanks!

Maria DeNicola.

Maria! Yes!

Couldn’t do better :wink:

Maria has done work on me, and I would gladly repeat the experience.

I go to Maria’s place, but her daughter Stephanie works on me. She’s fantastic :slight_smile:

Yes, Stephanie is a good worker as well.
there are a few people at Senza Pello Med Spa who I have not had work done by, but I would figure they would have to be pretty good, otherwise clients would avoid “getting stuck” with the ones who they figured were not as good as the others in the office. The place is always booked solid.

Thanks everyone! Wow, the spa and Maria DeNicola is really close to me too! :slight_smile:

How much would a session cost for say, lady-mustache hair? Do they charge by amount of hair or by time needed to clear the hair?

I’m sure they charge for time, not the amount.

Get a consultation and all your questions will be answered. Tell Maria I said HI!!!

HI All, I know this is incredibly late. I type in AZ and found this post. thank you very much for thinking of us and the referral!
Maria DeNicola