anyone experienced nerve damage/dull aches from LHR

It’s been just over a month since i had my upper arms Lasered with the coolglide. i have a number of tombstones remaining, although the tend skin i just purchased seems to be doing ok on them. anyway, two weeks after treatment i noticed my arms felt tired. right now, my right arm feels noticably achy and almost sore. not sure if i pulled it doing something or what. but i can feel a sensation in the same areas as the laser glided across. i’ve already posted with this concern and people responded seeming to think i had nothing to worry about. but i’ve since read up on lesser known side effects to laser, and nerve damage came up. i had always associated this with really bad burns and whatnot. but the remaining tombstones make me think i was somewhat overtreated, and i can help but think this noticable feeling in my arms is a direct result of laser. i’m thinking about making an appt with my doctor to see if he can refer me to someone that can settle my concerns over nerve damage. this is all new to me though. not even sure what those doctors are called. anyway, just wanted to share this concern with the right people.