Anyone else had this dream?


I remember about 10 or even 12 years ago, I had a great dream.

It involved me, standing in front of the mirror, and noticing a funny hair sticking out of my forehead… right in the middle of it…

Anyway, I started pulling on this hair, and it just kept coming… I soon realised that it was connected to every hair, skin tag, mole and blemish on my face and the rest of my body below the neck… as I kept pulling, all the hairs just got pulled back under the skin and eventually came out attached to this long long vine… it was metres and metres long… I pulled for about 15 minutes, but eventually, I had pulled it out (carefully I might add, I didn’t want it to break off… LOL) and was hair free and blemish free forever after that. The spot I pulled it out of healed up and I was fine.

I just wondered if anyone else has had a weird dream about hair…



Interesting! I can’t recall a dream where I was dealing with hair, but I did have a dream once where I ate the world’s largest marshmallow, and whedn I woke up, my pillow was gone…

(sorry, old bad joke!) :stuck_out_tongue:


YES!!! How crazy is that??? I’ve had it more than once, actually, often the night after a waxing/shaving drill. Though in my case, I wasn’t hair-free, just kept pulling and pulling and pulling…

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I don’t know where the Jungian symbolism for that one may come from… only had it the once, but it was vivid enough to remember to this day… but it was one of the most interesting dreams I can recall… besides the two I had that let me see what was going to happen the next day… but that is another topic, probably for a psychic Bulletin Board…LOL