Anyone else feel icky (tired, etc) for awhile?

So I had my second laser appointment last Thursday and Saturday - essentially everything from the bellybutton down to my toes.

I have been a little queasy and really tired all week - and my personal training session last night didn’t go very well. I had eaten enough calories, but for some reason I got really tired really quickly and then got dizzy, very similar to when I haven’t eaten enough calories.

The only thing that makes sense to me is that it is related to the laser hair removal. My guess is that it is two-fold… the laser essentially gives a deep down sunburn and my body is trying to deal with that, as well as all of the broken hair follicles that my body is trying to repair. So I have put my body into overdrive trying to repair itself after the laser procedure, and dealing with the toxins of a sunburn.

-I probably should add that the laser hair removal went fine, my legs were red for a couple hours, but were okay when I woke up the next morning. They were sensitive (very much like a sunburn) until Wednesday morning - and my personal training session was Wednesday evening). So I have no doubt that the procedure was performed correctly, there was no scarring, no burns, nothing…-

Does this make sense to anyone? Has anyone experienced something like this? How long does it last? And any suggestions for getting through a tough personal training hour during this time?

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Hi there,
you may have had an allergic reaction. I found the statement below from this page:

“If there is nausea, excessive itching, increase in heart rate, slowed breathing, light-headedness or a breakout of rashes while undergoing a session to remove hair through laser treatment, it means an allergic reaction.”

Contact your doctor about this to see if they can help you. Hope you are feeling better.

You’re not supposed to exercise or do any strenuous physical activity for 2-3 days after a laser hair removal treatment. That could be your problem. It has an adverse effect on the sweat glands. Swimming is out of the question for the same time period too.