Anyone done threading on the whole back?

I have waxed few times in the States, but I am currently in Taiwan where I can’t find anyone that does waxing.

I have found a place that does threading, and had them demonstrate on the top of my hand and it seemed significantly more painful and slower than waxing. (I have never before heard of threading.)

I can see it being OK for small areas but I couldn’t imagine having to lay there for 1.5 hours for them to do it. I am fairly pain tolerant but that seemed a lot worse than waxing.

Has anyone tried to have such a large area done before? Any comments to it?


Threading is best done for fine hair (usually on the face), so if you have coarse hair on your back it wouldnt be a good idea. If the hair is fine on your back, well its up to you if you want it done. To do it over such a large area would be quite time consuming (and personally I think it would hurt more) compared to that of waxing. If they are willing to do it for you then perhaps give it a try, but dont feel compelled to keep doing it if you dont like it.

I got both legs (thigh and lower leg) ‘threaded’ whilst in Vietnam. Two woman did the work and it took a few hours. However, I was sitting on a beach at the time so I wasn’t too bothered. It was fascinating watching them and we had a lovely chat whilst it all went on. I don’t remember it being very painful as they were only pulling out about 5 or 6 hairs at a time but there was two of them and they worked very fast - each woman removing a clump of hairs about once every second. They can be very accuarate with the thread and they happily removed single hairs I had growing here and there about me.