Anyone come across Derma Rollers?

Sorry guys, if this is the wrong place to start this thread…weren’t sure where to place this.

I’ve just seen on YouTube… there’s these things called Derma Rollers that have recently just become popular, they are supposed to help with healing; Acne Scars, Skin, Hair Loss, Wrinkles, Blackheads, Lines, Sun Damaged, Ageing- Daily Care Product, Reducing Blemishes Scars Potholes Cellulite Stretchmarks Uplifting Whitening Regeneration.

I’ve been reading reviews about this product, and most people find it’s really great, I’m considering purchasing this, as I’ve got scars around my chin from electrolysis work …but the problem is, I also read it ‘can aid hair growth and regeneration’ :(, so just wanted an opinion from people here…do you think all the hard work of removing hair (and the years of pain) will all be a waste?,
is it likely the hair will come back? (it’s a bit hard to explain how this roller works, but it’s all on YouTube if anyone’s inserted :slight_smile: ) I was hoping I could use this product in between treatments, as I still have a lot of hair to remove…thanks for reading

Hi Alisha,

“Mike Bono, L.E.” wrote an article entitled “Skin Needling” in the August 2011 edition of the Electrologists’ Association of California Newsletter. It seems to cover the principle effect used in Derma Rolling.

It can be found at this Address - Electrologists’ Association of California Newsletter - August 2011

The article is on Page 8. Maybe the author of the article (Mr Bono?) can provide an update and comment on its effect on hair growth?


Hi “Tricho,”

I have been looking into the “derma roller” and I’m planning to try it on myself. My article was about a much more aggressive process that uses a “dry” tattoo needle (and machine) and targets larger wrinkles. This so-called “dry needling” is based on very sound science indeed. (I can’t see how it would not work very nicely.)

My only minor criticism of the inventor is that she says the tattoo needle only penetrates the epidermis! Were this true there would be no advantage to the treatment. However, if you watch her video on Youtube, you will see that the area bleeds (as does a tatoo in progress), so she is actually getting the needle down to where it needs to be.

I like the Derma-Roller idea a lot. I have not seen these gismos yet, but I’m hoping that the needles are long enough to penetrate into the dermis. If not, what’s the point? I’m also concerned about cross-contamination. I’m assuming these are pre-sterilized, “one-time” used and then disposed of. If not, they should be. You know, needles, blood and those nasty “bugs?”

(By the way … Dr. Chapple would not do fat injections or fillers on me. He told me to “take a vacation!” I’d like to do a face lift too, but he won’t do that either! He says “there’s nothing to lift, Michael … you are just skin and bone!” Nice guy!)

Oh what a relief Michael ! your face is ass cheek free, and no derma roller s either oh my ! I see your face in the same way ! nothing to do ! leave it alone ! Vacation yes Indeed! if you take a vacation let’s go see Josie maybe she can squeeze your butt face into your face and the hairs off mine :wink:

You made me laugh (again) Danika. The thing is, I see all these “procedures” going on and I’d like to give it a “go.” I keep looking for “trouble” I suppose?

The only “procedure” that I wish were illegal is LIP AUGMENTATION! This usually looks terrible! People look like they have fish-lips. (I have seen a few good jobs, but too often the patient gets carried away.) A middle-aged woman with fat lips is NOT a good thing to see. Frightening really.

I am very interested in skin needling. I have a bit of skin damage from electrolysis, and I don’t think 100% resurfacing procedures are the way to go for it. With skin needling (and possibly with Fraxel) they only damage certain areas of skin, leaving healthy “bridges” between, and stimulate collagen during the healing process. Needling seems to be relatively new, though, and there is not a lot of information about it yet. If anyone has it done, I would love to hear about it.

"With skin needling (and possibly with Fraxel) they only damage certain areas of skin … "

Oh yeah, you got this 100% right! I think “skin needling” might be even more effective since the process does not create a micro-crust (as does the laser).

Surgeons doing hair transplants “discovered” the same benefit from “old” technology. Seems that making the receptor “hole” with laser only delayed healing because a “dry hole” (crust) was formed. The body had to first get rid of the crust and then attend to the new hair follicle. Lots of “grafts” died in the process. The skin “loves” blood.

My concern with laser is the possible thermal damage to surrounding tissues. I’ve come across people who claimed that they suffered fat loss and skin damage as side effects from Fraxel, which they put down to the heat. Of course, I always take such stories with a grain of salt (I think many times the so-called “damage” was always present and was only noticed when they started looking at themselves carefully in the mirror)but I have seen a few before/after images where I think there were real problems. Because skin needling negates the whole heat issue, it seems a better course especially when one already is suffering from skin damage. In the ablative arena, I would have a moderate TCA peel but never would I have laser resurfacing. The risk for damage just seems too great.

Again a big YES!

If any of you get to see (and fiddle with) human fat you will see how amazingly fragile it is. Some new “cryo” and “thermal” therapies use temperature to destroy the fat cells. I do think that WeRNot … " is “on to something” here, and the needling negates this potential laser side effect.

Regarding Derma Rollers there are basicly two groups of rollers:

“medical” ones with longer needles and “cosmetical” ones with shorter needles, as far as i remember, just 0.5 mm. There are also differences in the diameter of the needles - those of the cheaper chinese rollers are often thicker and pretty far apart in order to reach smaller structures. My understanding of the needling - triggering basically the same healing effect which is also caused by correctly applied electrolysis - lets me conclude that this “cosmetic” stuff is more or less useless.

That’s why i decided to try a '4 one piece electrolysis probe to needle the tissue of the epilation scars around my mouth and on my chin. (Yes, three applications actually improved them a bit…). And that i rather should look for acupuncture needles instead…

am using one on a many years old scar on forehead dissapearing along with some hyperpigmentation too

Best results seen after 6monyhs to a year post needling used once every six to eight weeks so less = more.

better results and less downtime (2days) than Fraxel and without the thermal damage is also an added bonus

Can be performed at home cheaply

1mm reaches the dermis and will stimulate collagen production according to the literature providing you also use the correct topicals that is Vitamin C at the correct ph below 3.5
and Retinol or Tretinoin though they should not be used together am/pm

.05mm is for general exfoliation and product penetration

1.5mm deeper body scars stretch marks etc

be careful of cheap Chinese rollers they are not surgical steel

Beate_r you may find a Dermastamp more useful for your needs the needle width is important

all you could ever wish to know here they also sell excellent Rollers and Dermastamps and have a support forum with pics etc too
I am not connected to them in any way

Nice pic of Dr .Des Fernandez who invented the procedure on the homepage and there some vids on youtube of him if you look/ google his name also yes he is 71 !


sorry lost my bookmarks this is an interesting pdf with pictures of Dermarolling Needling or Percantaneous Collagen Induction as it is all called usefull for anti ageing scars and hypopigmentation too


Brilliant article … THANKS Dolphinz.
I love this simplicity.
“It doesn’t always have to be laser!”

Thank you everyone for your tips and advise! :smiley:

Looking at the posts it seems like the hair growing back is not really an issue then, and other people are looking to trying it out too, so I think am going to go ahead and try it out…

Thanks, also for the links :slight_smile:

Update: I am definitely going to be having skin needling as soon as I can find a competent practitioner in my area. I am most interested in the new “Derma-Pen” form, which replaces the roller with what looks like a microdermabrasion handpiece. I’m going to combine that with medium-depth TCA peels in an attempt to reverse some of my skin damage.

In related news, I am going back to school to become re-trained in esthetics. My (expired) cosmetology license in my old state covered skincare, but I did not have any practical experience. I’m going back so I can get a lot of hands-on training in corrective skin procedures such as microdermabrasion and skin needling. When I am done I will probably be treating myself with needling for the areas of skin damage around my mouth. Assuming that goes well, I will be offering the same procedure to others. Interestingly enough, it was Hairtell that reignited my passion for the skin and for skin care. Wish me luck!

Hi. I’ve been looking into skin resurfacing treatments and have been worried about hair growth as a side effect. Did you ever get an answer about this?