Anyone Brazilian waxing at home, what wax are you using?


Yep, just did my first one earlier this wee. I use Kalo wax, which is heated in one of those little pots. I find it gets just about all the hairs, even the fine ones!

where do you get the kalo wax amy?

Amy, do you mean Kalos wax, which is a Spanish brand of liquid waxes?

jon, Kalos wax is available at a number of beauty sites. Just make sure not to get the paraffin wax for making hands look nicer. You want the epilating wax.

Here’s an example of a site (not an endorsement!):

Beautex: Kalos wax (Item #WLQKALO031001)

right, thanks.

Is this wax ‘strip free’?

I used Parrisa (sp?) body sugaring for several years.

Now I no longer need to because of laser. But if I had to go back that is where I would go. Body sugerins is not as effective but much easier to do.

I bought my wax from Beauty Co. The wax is simply called “Kalo” and I chose the one with aloe vera in it. You have to use strips with it, and it’s recommended you use one of those little wax heaters. It works great though, and takes off very very little skin!

Thanks, Amy! Do you ave the contact information for Beauty Co.?

Their website is
They are at several locations in Oklahoma, don’t know about anywhere else though

hey id it at home, i use veet hot wax & its very successful! Im male 45 & I do my ass, balls & cock & pubic mound


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