Anybody Recommendations in San Diego?

James, anyone, does anybody have a good clinic in San Diego to refer? I have about eleven names to call, and I’m formulating a list of first questions to ask. The search did turn up a name in Del Mar (close by), but I figure you long timers may have a solid name to add to my list to scout. Of course I appreciate all advice. Thanks.

Older & wiser

I have used several places 2 of which moved out of state but the Place I go now is Arlenes electrolysis, it has been pretty good so far, and is one of the cheapest.

Maybe interesting for you
San Diego Hair Removal

I am too in the search for an electrolysist here in San Diego. Just wondering if you found anyone worth referring Mantaray? Or anybody else?


I have started going to an electrologist (sides and chin) in Rancho Bernardo, after meeting with another 2. I am ok at this point, she uses blend with very low current since my skin reacts, I still get scars, and it takes between 5 and 19 seconds (avg 12 I think), for her to get a hair out. I don’t know what to make of this, whether my hair is stubborn or she is slow? She has 18 yrs of experience, so I dunno what to think. She is very close to me, so the convenience is preventing me to go check out others that are half hour away. If you found anyone skilled and fast, pl let me know.

blend is a slower method than thermolysis. it should take at least 6 seconds per hair. i think driving 30 mins is worth it. have you checked out the search sites recommended here? what about citysearch?

I have only tried the yahoo yellow pages, its very hard to find one that works Saturdays or after 6 pm, and that’s my constraint since I work full time. So try the electrology association site and the city search, you’re saying?

Has anyone heard of
Stahl Claudia RE - Electrolysis
San Diego CA 92128

I started this thread a while ago, and now I can answer my own question.

Claudia rings a bell. i think she’s the one down in Old Town. I’ve heard good things. These are the best. Most are $65-$80 and hour. The guy Richard only charges $50 an hour. Price is only one variable though. And, to me, I’d rather pay the most competent and professional. Savings means nothing when one has to make unneccessary return visits.

Old Town Electrolysis 619 295 7333 -Old Town

Absolute Permanent Hair Removal 858 581 0200 (Joyce)-Clairemont

Barbara Weiss 858 455 6100 -La Jolla

Electrolysis and Skincare By Kate 858 273 5437 -Pacific Beach

Executive Face and Body 619 297 9861 (Richard, the only guy electrologist I found or spoke to)-Mission Hills

Hair Free Solutions 619 223 6131 (Rochelle)-Shelter Island

New Image Electrolysis 858 565 1171 (Rochelle, for 20 years!)-Kearny Mesa

Good Luck


Thanks for the list Mantaray. Have you gone to all of them, or have you only heard things about them?


Thanks mantaray!! I think I will try Claudia, she is the closest to me. I did speak with Rochelle, she sounded great and that’s who I would try next, if it doesn’t work out with Claudia. She has two other ladies working with her, but I can’t remember if she works late or saturdays.

I would also love to know who you have tried yourself and been happy with, if you wouldn’t mind sharing. Thanks!

(I wrote an answer to your questions, but it never posted. Hmm, thought I saw it post)

Gdubber, there are more electrologists in San Diego, but these are the ones that I’ve spoken to, asked all my questions, and went to three to get test spots to see their offices and how they work. Any of these electrologists I would consider at least giving thought. Then you can make your own personal decision with your own criteria. One I forgot to add to the list is Roxanne Perfect down in South Bay (Chula Vista?), she is also one of the very best here in San Diego, If you can, try her. I based my opinion on quite a few things. And, with some electrologists, they have so many clients, and some they have seen for ages, that they kind of interview you too. I looked at:

Years in practice
Techniques offered
Are they current with the AEA? do they go to conferences?
Do they have clean offices and equipment?
Package discount flexibility?
Do they use a standard Bono/Hinkle Blend Method, with formula settings, or do they have experienced gut feelings on turning down the DC current?
Do they use a machine with all presets?
and the last t hing I considered was price. Price, of course, means nothing if unneeded return visits are needed to make up for hurried, poorly executed flash work.

These electrologists all have a strong point; Rochelle at New Image in Kearny Mesa is very technical and exact, Richard in Mission Hills is a virtual hair clearing machine. He works fast and won’t shy from a full legs job or hairy back. Wendy at New Image (works with Rochelle)has a great reputation amongst her peers, definitely try to get in with her. Kate in PB used to work in the East Bloc countries and makes the best out of refined simple techniques. I now realized that I was confusing the name Claudia for another electrologist that left an office in Old Town. As for who I go to? Hey, I don’t want her schedule more crowded than it already is! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> But yes, she’s there on the list. And yes, I’m happy with her becuase she puts up with so many of my ‘Junior Electrologist Trainee’ questions. She’s explained to me a huge amount. Every session is like going to school. She lets me experiment with the settings, gives me feedback, and tells me her experiences with those settings, points out the amount of lye coming out of the follicle, tells me about hair release dificulty. Insertion tips, needle types, hair types, what she looks for, just irreplaceable knowledge. See so I go to her for a few reasons, you may just want the hair out and that’s all. Whatever the case Try Wendy at Perfect Image or Roxanne Perfect in Southbay/ Chula Vista if you can.

Good luck both of you


Awesome dude, thanks for the help! I was planning on calling New Image Electrolysis sometime this week, before you updated this thread, and now I will definately call them tomorrow. I will report back here after I go in for a consultation.

Again, thanks for sharing the info, it helps a ton.


Thanks Mantaray! That is indeed very helpful.

Hey guys, just thought I’d update.

I went and had a half hour treatment with Wendy at New Image. Very impressed, though I havent had treatments with anyone else so I can’t really compare.

Area is still a little red, 4hrs. post treatment. Cleared about 1/3 of my stomach hair in a half hour. Very fast worker, and a very nice lady.


Thanks Gdubber, can you tell me what machine Wendy uses and what method? Also, I thought you were getting your stomach treated with Dr. Ross, are you switching to electro already?

Gdubber and Hert9, thanks for adding to this thread.

Gdubber, I’m glad you had a good experience with Wendy. I kind of want to get over there for a treatment as well. The place I go to is just very convenient time and locationwise. She uses straight blend. But, when I start electro on my back, I want to try a fast clearing flash/body clearing style operator. I’m not particular about clearing vellus hairs on my back, I just clearing of the larger noticeable terminal hairs.

Let us know how it goes over there. Are you paying the standard New Image $70 rate? any package deals? Pain? Are you planning on returning? Let us know, we’d be glad to hear it.


Thanks Gdubber, can you tell me what machine Wendy uses and what method? Also, I thought you were getting your stomach treated with Dr. Ross, are you switching to electro already?

She uses an Apilus, and I am no longer doing laser on these areas, as there isn’t much hair coming in, so I’m taking it down with elctro.

Are you paying the standard New Image $70 rate? any package deals? Pain? Are you planning on returning? Let us know, we’d be glad to hear it.

I only went for a half an hour, which was $45, but for an hour its $70. I didn’t discuss any package deals with her yet, just wanted to go in and see how everything went first.

It was painful. Apparently the stomach is a very sensitive area for elctrolysis?. But Wendy works fast, cleared about 1/3 of my stomach hair in an 1/2hr. I think I am going to try a couple of different places before I committ to one however. I think I will try Richard in Mission Hills next. I’ll let you guys know how it goes.


So, I had a 30 min treatment with Wendy of New Image yesterday. She was exteremely curious about this forum and so I gave her this address, sure she will be hopping on here soon, can you imagine what an excellent resource this is becoming with all the electrologists on this board. It’s fabulous!

The treatment went fine, she gave a few blips of current to each hair depending on how much it needed, she said it was sliding out easily and did not seem like skin was going to react abnormally aka scabbing that I currently get with blend.

This morning, I have some red spots on the sides which are the precursor to scabs for me, but hardly any on chin! I will still give it a day before declaring improvement though. Also, to be honest, each blip had a much higher edge than the blend, but because it’s soo brief, it’s tolerable. The blend gives this slow intense ache (for the coarser hairs) that builds up, but it’s more of an ache and you get time to prepare yourself for it. For the finer hairs, blend is totally tolerable. So overall, I vote for microflash for the fine hairs and blend for coarse in terms of the pain.
Adding what I have heard about less regrowth with blend to this picture, case for blend is pretty strong. However, if my skin lands up with little or no scabs after treatment with microflash, it’s neck to neck <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />!

Oh, another thing, the cataphoresing after the treatment, my blend lady doesn’t do it, but Wendy did and it felt gooood. She said that it almost a ‘requirement’ especially if you have sensitive skin that reacts a lot. Although it’s more for stopping the current to form any more lye with the blend, she finds its very helpful for calming and soothing the skin even after microflash, it certainly felt real good to me. She also uses Banana Boat aloe after cataphoresing that felt cool and smelled great!

Interestingly, no gloves with her either, I forgot to ask her about it, will call her in a couple days when she is back in to check why. Or maybe she will read this and answer here!!!

All in all, I am very happy I tried this treatment, it gave me tons of perspective. Hope this long extended post is helpful to some.

I’m really glad you had a good experience there at New Image. The good electrologists in San Diego really need the visibility. Spread the word, about her and the others. It’s also great that this board gets more pro talent to add to it’s technical credibility.