Anybody heard of Ellipse ? (IPL)


I’m new here, so first of all thanks to Andrea for a great site and forum ! I found it searching for facts about the Vector electrical tweezer - and you certainly cured my interest in that :wink:
Nice to see someone telling the facts for a change - Thanks !!

I live in Denmark and I’ve been looking for places that offer laser hair-removal here. Over here they just call all of it laser - also if it is IPL.
It seems they use the same type of equipment almost everywhere…at least the places that tell what they use. It’s a Danish IPL system and it’s called Ellipse. But I’m not even sure if it is availible outside Scandinavia. I found the manufactors site at
If anybody here has heard of it, or better yet tried it I’d be really grateful for comments and advice !!

If I’m not that incredibly lucky, perhaps Andrea or someone else has an expert opinion on whether or not the results of the 2 clinical tests they publish seem reliable ?
You’ll find them at and

They are apparently written by Danish and Swedish doctors and seem serious and genuine. The second one shows their Ellipse IPL system to be almost 4 times as efficient as a ruby laser system they test it against.

The thing that makes me suspicious is that I’ve read about people having ok results from ruby lasers, and this test shows the ruby laser to be really awfull (almost half the ruby laser patients had more hair after 3 treatments ???).

Sorry this post grew so long…but any piece of advice before I plunge into largescale legs/bikini/buttocks/armpits treatment would be much appreciated !!! :smile:

Dr. Bjerring wrote a very good early paper on ruby lasers, so I am sure that his data is trustworthy. As you can see, he found that IPL devices were more effective.

The real trick with these methods is finding a good practitioner. IPL devices are a little easier to burn someone with, so it’s important that the person using it is very skilled.

Ruby laser can have good results in some consumers, but response rates are not well-established for any lasers yet. I also know people who had very bad luck with IPL devices. They still don’t know exactly why it works on some consumers and not on others. You have to be willing to take that risk, as there are usually no guarantees.

In the US, it seems that more practitioners are opting for alexandrite and diode lasers, but I know every country has different devices available.

Keep researching, and try to find a practitioner recommended by someone who is done and happy.

There are a lot of beaty therapist here in the Netherlands who uses an ellipse system. It is a very widespread system in the Netherlands.

Look at to see.

I you’re considering the Ellipse you might find this article interesting:

The last part of it compares the Ellipse to other IPL’s like the Epilight. It’s clear to me now why IPL has a bad reputation where Epilight is the system most commonly used.

hey DK girl !!
YES i have heard of the Ellipse laser, and i had one treatment, a complementary treatment, after having 5 Softlight Treatments, which had no result. But after having only ONE ellipse treatment, i noticed how good it was, because i could see the rectangular patches on my legs months later

u said u were going to have some ellipse treatments done on your bikini line, bottom etc. did you have them and what were their results! please reply back because im eager to find out what happened