Any UK clinics that use Aurora IPL? Recommend any UK clinics?

This post is a prelude to a longer post I shall make after I have finished reading up on some laser info!!!

Simple question really, as subject header.

I know Fleabag has mentioned that there are clinics that use Aurora IPL but a google/yahoo search has yielded nothing thus far. So does anyone know any UK clinics that use the Aurora IPL system?

In addition, i was wondering if there are any British contributors who could recommend any UK clinics?

I live in Manchester and the only “reputable” laser clinic nearby is the Harley Medical Group ( who are not so keen on stating what laser they use, etc. (mmmmmmmm!!!) – I have appplied for an information brochure though, so I will let you know about that in due course.

Anyway, as I’ve said, I live in Manchester and as most clinics seem to be down south–it looks like a 2 and three quarter hour train ride to get treatment!!!

I’ve identified three clinics that I may use:

Boston Clinic - cheap, uses the Coolglide system

Body Smooth - expensive and charges £35 per 15 minutes worth of laser usage (mmmmmmmm!) – uses lightsheer and Coolglide Excel Long Pulsed ND-Yag Laser (SIDENOTE: does anyone know the difference between coolglide and coolglide excel?!)

Bare Necessity - moderately cheap, uses lightsheer

Anyone with any experience with any of these clinics–could you please offer your POV?

Thanks for your help!

You might try going to Syneron’s hompage(Makers of the Aurora), and calling the phone #. Ask them if they have contact information for someone in your area. This is how I found the Dermatologist that is treating me. I posted the # on the Aurora thread (I think), but just try a GOogle search for Syneron.

There are currently no commercial clinics offering the Aurora in the UK .

The syneron site is not helpful. If you visit the site listed below and do some research you may find what you are looking for.

Actually as an update, I received my brochure from the Harley Medical Group today and - surprise, surprise - it’s just a reiteration of what’s written on the website in BROCHURE FORM! Araaaaaaaaagh! Will have to e-mail/phone up and ask what laser they use for hair removal…sorry reduction :slight_smile:

doesn’t look promising though does it?


how did you get on with trying to discover what laser they use?

i assume that they didn’t send you a price list either? this silly kind of behaviour would make me think that they should not be trusted.

I must go back and read why Which? magazine liked them.


It all depends on what skin type you are and which type of laser best suits it ie alexandrite or nd yag or diode etc

As previously mentioned I have been treated by Bare Necessity using Lightsheer and personally don’t recommend them as I found them to be rude,unprofessional and worse stil they caused blistering and hyperpigmentation.

My experience at Boston Clinic using Coolglide was much better although I think the staff there could be more communicative. As I’m of Asian origin with skin type IV the Coolglide suits me.

Unfortunately, there is no clinic using Aurora as yet in UK, although I am fortunate to receive a test patch from a research point of view from a doctor who no longer performs commercial laser treatments.

If you are skin type I-III you may consider the Gentlelase at in London. I’ve only heard good things about the tech there,Gill Leeden.

You may also want to check out they are based in Manchester and use the Polaris nd yag laser.

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According to fleabg, there’s a clinic in Leeds that uses the Aurora but - SURPRISE, SURPRISE - they haven’t bothered to get round to answering my question on what systems they use for Laser Hair Removal.


Are they all just naturally stuck-up, unresponsive and unprofessional?!

I have just read the above posts. I go to Laser Active in London and I can assure you that they are neither unprofessional or stuckup! After your treatment you actually get the techs - Gill Leeden - mobile and home number in case you have any queries.

I think it is the tech that is important and not the machine. I’d rather be driven in an old banger by Jason Coulhart than in a Rolls Royce by my grandad. They may have both passed their tests but…!