Any suggestions on a decent place in New York?

Hi guys,

Want to start laser treatment on my face not sure what type of laser to choose Ruby vs Nd:YAG vs Alexandite plus each one of these types have variety of lasers associated with them. Totally lost need your help (i’m pretty desperate want to start as soon as possible). I’m asking those of you who had a Good and Productive experience with any specific Type and Place (I heard efficacy depends on type of laser and place or more specifically tecnician that does it) please let me know. I’m fair to medium skin tone and the hair is medium coarsed.

Hope to hear from you
P.S. I live in New york city

romeo&juliet is one very recommended place in NYC. the owner is a moderator on another forum, so you would knwo they are knowledgeable. In general, you need to look for an alexandrite or a diode laser. Yag is for skin types darker than IV and Ruby are much older technology that I would stay away from. If you’re not sure about what your skin type is, look for a Fitzpatrick chart online to determine it.

Thanks for the tip

I’ve actually booked an appointment for counsultation this week with American laser place was thinking about Romeo & Juliet place as well will definetely do that. I’ve heard that a lot of it (treatment being sucessfull) depends on how qualified the technician is that’s why i was looking for a specific place but now that i did more research i guess there’re a lot of other factors that contribute to it

Thank you

romeo place uses the Apogee laser I believe, which has both the alexandrite and Yag settings. experience of the tech is most important (rare at american laser center btw because of high turnover, so ask a lot of questions), but you also need to combine that with best laser for your skin and hair type. alex and diodes technically CAN be used on darker skin types, BUT you will have to keep the settings so low to prevent burning the skin that it won’t kill any hair. the higher settings you can take, the better in general.

My skin type is between 2 and 3 in the FTZ chart the hair is not coarse but not too fine either (at least not to me)
so Yag is definetely not for me i’ve read on this site that the higher the settings (considering that skin can tolerate it without causing burns or damages) the better the results my problem is the hair is quite strong (according to cosmetologist that did the threading for a while my quess would be my hair gets plenty of blood supply)but the skin is quite sensitive (i can get bruises after waxing). To complicate things even further i do know that i have hormonal imbalance cannot take pills for various reasons so not sure if i even should bother with laser at all. Sorry for sounding so pessimistic
I also was thinking about getting maybe one treatment see if it works at all and then maybe pursue electrolysis.


if you have an underlying medical condition, laser or electrolysis won’t look like they’re working since your body will continue to develop new hair. you should have it diagnosed first and start taking medication to control it before committing to these treatments. if you have sensitive skin, laser will actually probably be better than electrolysis since electrolysis involves actual insertion of a needle into every follicle and there could be marks for a few days etc. redness after laser usually go aways within a few hours and then the hair sheds, leaving you with smooth skin for a while until the new batch of hair grows in.