Any success stories?

Hi! I’m a 24 years old really hairy guy. After strugglin with body hair like everybody here, since I was 15, I am a bit more peacefull with it today. I tolerate the chest and abdomen hair, trim it sometimes… But the back hair remains a huge taboo!
I especially hate the hair growing in the back of my neck which obsesses me day after day.

I have had 2 laser treatments (diode) when I was younger (20) and I guess I can’t really accuse it of not working since 2 treatments is really not enought to judge + I was so young.

I have recently moved to California, where the beach and the pool are a problem for hairy-backed people! I waxed once, its all good since i was really carefull with the exfoliating + moisturizing techniques (btw I suggest very strongly the Clinique body exfoliating paste 2 times a week + Aveeno Positively Smooth moisturizer, 2 times a day for waxed/ shaved areas… The ingrown hair are reduced to the minimum and the skin stays really soft.) Since the hair grows back way too fast I am really tempted by going to do laser ASAP, especially on my neck and shoulder, while waxing the bottom of the back for now.

My question would be simple: after reading the pros and the cons of everyone, Can ANYBODY tell me about a true successful laser hair removal (men’s hair please!!) on his back / shoulders… Was anybody truly satisfied with their treatments with a decent amount of sessions? I am an ideal candidate and my practicionner was using the laser to the strongest it can be.

ALSO: Any suggestions on where to go in the Los Angeles area? I saw lots of ads in the paper but I am aware of the dangers of being treated by an incompetent practicionner, so I dont mind paying more to get decent painless treatments.

So if anybody has good results that last, PLEASE let me know… Because I might just stick with the cheap solution: wax…


that speaks for itself, doesn’t it? :smile:

Hey man,

So what exactly happened with ur two treatments with the diode? Did you have any reduction at all??

If I did, its not noticeable… Or maybe I did but as I got older some new hair grew?

Hi daharcc,

One thing to note, it isn’t painless… but, its not completely painful. I have had one treatment so far, on my face, and at few times it felt like I got snapped with a rubber band, but it wasn’t too bad. I have had electrolysis and that hurt more.

I wish I could say I have had a success story for you, but like I said, I have only had one treatment. Like I said in another post… I am going to make sure that I am still posting when I am done with my treatment cycle just so others can hear my experience and hopefully that can help.

That’s the one thing I wished was on this board, more people that have completed a full treatment cycle… people that can tell us what they think.

I think laser hair removal is tricky. I think it can be successful for people, but I think it all depends on the laser used. I don’t think that a certain laser works for everyone, I think that one laser might work for someone, and another for someone else. The thing that sucks is you just really don’t know which laser is the best.

Anyway, I really hope it works for you!

Keep us posted!

ok. about laser hair removal and my experience.
i started last year, in Aril , for back (side of the back, small area, shoulder like) hair removal. I’ve done 15 treatments so far, at 4-5 weeks appart. Skin Solutions uses Cool-glide system.

The results?! hard to tell… some improvements, but not happy…hair is still present…
my concern and my worry is: how long should it take? when and if -someday- my back will be FREE of hair (completely).

When I started they told my I’m a good candidate, with white skin and fairly dark hair… So I should see results.

The thing is: every time, before the treatment, the area should be shaved… that’s the reason I think -in my case- hair comes back. Sure, I can see an improvement, maybe less hair than it could be and thinner, but doesn;t make any difference. My back still looks like “hairy”; true, light hairy, not bad. I never waited more than 5 weeks between treatments, so my next question is: how wil my back look like within few other weeks? now looks “few thin hairs” because last treatment was done not long time ago… but in time, after few months? is it worthy or the results don’t make any difference?

I tried upper shoulders, also. Here are few spread hairs, but they need to be shaved so doesn’t matter hom small the area is. When shaved, it’s hard to tell and see where the hair is. Soseveral time right after the treatment (and few other days after)the hair is still in some areas… enough to look like “hairy”.

When I saw the results are noticeable but not satisfactory, I asked them. My concern is that they never analyze or check the results, they seem to not care about patients and let all the things to happen. Of course, now when i told them I’m not satisfied, they even answer me “hormons”… But i think this is just a cover for them…

I know is hard to decide and find the right laser for each tye of skin and hair, but it should be something: when I started, I wanted to have no hair at all, completely… More or less?! doesn’t matter; it’s still hairy.

6 months ago I started to do my chest, also… 6 treatments done so far and I see some results… Hard to tell, but it seems that whatever results I saw right after the first treatment (density of hair) looks like pretty much the same right now. I’m trying to say that the process reduce hair right after the first treatment and seems to me that the following treatments don’t do much, maybe to thinner the hair and slow (somehow) the regrowth, which I can’t see right now… it need time, month or a year to tell the difference.

My question: what do you think abot my experience, where and what is wrong, what should I do? Should I keep doing it and spending lots of money or should I try to find a different place/ laser removal system?

There are few reasons I’m unsatisfied (at least):

  • the staff didn’t pay attention (completly, with analyzing and observation);
  • the staff could be less knowledgeable (they are very polity and friendly, comfortable, clean though);
  • the laser could be out of date (there was a time I asked them and they answer that they just updated the laser, so it should be improvements…);
  • shaving before the treatment could keep the hair regrowth and also makes difficult to see the areas that need to be done;
  • many others.

Overall, the experience is not very good. Even if I may have less hair on my back and chest, it still look hairy. Even small side areas, they are all the same.

let me know at

every 4 to 5 weeks seems too soon.

I am getting my back done with Lightsheer. My Dr. says 8-10 weeks between treatments. Its tough to say how good it works, but after 3 treatments hair is less.

they say you need to wait a good 6 months to see where you are at.

What my dr told me was this, on avg, after 6 treatments (8-10 weeks apart) your looking at around 60% removal. Then every set of 6 treatments after that is 60% of whats left.

Its a long term process and your not going to be magically hair free after 10 treatments. I think a lot of the mall type places make outlandish claims.

I think you need to space them out more, b/c your’re prop paying for treatment that isn’t doing anything.

asdf, tks for reply.

before I started I asked some other places. everybody told me “about 4-6 weeks appart”, only one place (using another kind of laser) they told me it has to be 3 weeks exactly. you’re the only one I heared 8-10. but it could be true, since no major improvement is seen between treatments. indeed, I think it will take a very long time and many numbers of treatments. that’s my concern. I cna’t really cover the high price for a very long time (few years). i’m over 15 treatments and 1 year and 4 months. i’m sure it will improve some more if i’ll keep doing it…

the place is clean, good and friendly. I’m amazed that they never called me for an analysing, a detailed observation on their office. all they asked me “what do you think” and honestly, how can I chech my back rather than in the mirror?! I’m not professional and I dont knwo and maybe I can’t see what is an improvement and how much (%)… but if you have a phisician that tells you what and how, it is more secure and trustful…

thanks again

What my dr told me was this, on avg, after 6 treatments (8-10 weeks apart) your looking at around 60% removal. Then every set of 6 treatments after that is 60% of whats left.

This is interesting. I’ve had three treatments on my underarms now with the CoolGlide and I would say that I have maaayybe 30% reduction, if that. Maybe more like 25%, after 3 treatments.

I would measure success at 4-5 months after the completion of the treatment course. Then you are really starting to see the true picture.

Underarms usually react better to laser than most other areas. Keep us posted.

>>>Underarms usually react better to laser than most other areas.<<<

I’ve read this many times before. My practicioner says that, with a 6-8 week retreatment time on the GentleLase, the retreat patients often have very little regrowth. Wish I could say the same about my neck!