Any reviews on Renova Laser -Houston?

I don’t see much on laser removal in the Houston area here, if you have experience please let me know.
I had a great experience at another laser spa 2 years ago. The owner herself (electrogist and certified Candela/Gentlease/gentleYag trainer) did my treatment. My skin is white, my hair is brown. I had short vellus on the side burns, and an “after 5” shadow on upper lips and chin, which I tweezed, hence making it worse and thicker. I had to tweeze 2xday. Hormonal tests came out normal. Women in my family didn’t have that pattern…
She used Gentlease in cheeks, chin and upper lip (no idea of the settings). From the 1st treatment there was a huge reduction, and growth of what was left (thin and lighter, almost invisible) slowed down to almost 2-3 months. After 6 treatments every 4-5 weeks, I only returned for 4-5 individual rebels that refused to thin out and go away. She zapped them with electrolysis. This gave me back my confidence, my life!
Bikini area was next in my list. I use to develop razor bumps, and hair regrew too fast for me to shave. I got tired of the hassle of waxing, so I stopped using swimsuits (and enjoying beach, pool, and watersports!) 20 years ago.
My technician made me a special price for the face, but I did not want to abuse her kindness, the regular price in the spa was like $200 per session (bikini plus)
Then I saw a groupon that Renova had, a huge discount, hard to believe: that amount for a full treatment (6-8 sessions) and any maintenance afterwards. Really, pigs fly??? I had done a lot of research the 1st time around, and the candela alexandrite, as recommended by most users, delivered. I made my list of questions, and assumed this was surely IPL. No, they confirmed they use candela equipment, both gentlease and yag, because they are indicated fir different skin types (I was impressed).
I had an initial consultation, and started treatments (on 5th now). For bikini area they recommend every 8-9 weeks. I may have seen 10 individual hairs come off easily after pulling, 2 weeks after the 1st session. Never again.
Density, hair thickness, growth speed, or color have not changed.
I had dark spots (w/ shape of the laser tip used) that improved after 9-10 weeks.
Not happy, I think that there is something wrong, either the settings (joules and tip size), or the frequency of treatment, or the machines themselves.
Any ideas?
BTW, they are [u]incredibly fast[/u], and treatment is spotty, leaving untreated patches each time.
They don’t trace the area with pencil to make sure of even coverage either (although experienced technicians may not need that -not the case here)