Any recommendations for hair inhibitors for my husband's beard???

He hates shaving everyday, has a heavy beard and it cuts up his face and causes ingrowns (uses electric razor and regular for some tough hairs) Do any men have any recommendations for anything to use to slow down the growth? I am hearing mixed reviews about the EpiStop stuff… Thanks!

Save your money–nobody, thus far, has any real research that says they work. Yes, some people claim it’s worked for them, but I seem to recall some mention of studies at one point where even an impartial observer–like a doctor–would claim that something was working, even when that ‘something’ was a placebo.

If he really has no intention of ever actually growing a beard, look into laser or electrolysis. (With the cost of many of the hair inhibitors, you’d probably save money using that, anyway.)

Or, if you feel like experimenting, there’s always the soy milk, which has at least a prayer of working, and is significantly less than $40 per 2oz bottle… :wink:

Epil-Stop specifically has warnings it should not be used on the beard following second-degree-burns caused on many men’s faces.

Male facial hair is extremely hard to control and remove permanentlty, and can be painful and expensive. If laser or electrolysis are out of the question (you will spend thousands), you might have some luck slowing growth with prescription oral antiandrogens, but these have numerous side effects that many men would not want. The prescription topical Vaniqa may help slow male facial hair growth, but it has not been tested extensively on men.