any other ways

is there any other non medical weays to chang hormone levels. it seems to me like more athletic people are less hairy

You can affect hormone levels and metabolism with your weight and health. There is no proven correlation between athletic people and less hair, although most people who are athletic are going to be more inclined to remove unwanted hair as part of their desire to have an attractive body. There are indications that diet can affect levels of many chemicals in the body, too, and diets that are low in animal proteins may lead to lower levels of some chemicals that can affect hair growth. All of this is highly variable and cannot be predicted, though.

Hey All,
I am Male, 26. :smile:

Well I have not been too hairy about six years back. But problem worsened over the years. :frowning: For me, Surgi Hair-Stop Gel (not cream) worked quiet good. Only side effects I experienced are that its kind of sticky if you apply too much and sometimes it can be too flowerly smell for your nose.

Anyhow, I would like to share my experience with you all. I developed lots of problems over last six years + which probably or may have contributed to excess hair growth. It included too much anxiety, stress, and negative emotions.
I was also obese but not too much heavy say about 225 lbs. :grin:
I was also masturbating quiet a bit.

Last year only I decided I had too much of all this nonsense and decided to take charge of my body and life. So I followed with only soy based shakes as my food (Scan-Diet shakes in particular) and exercised like hell. In about 2 months I was in very good shape and had less hair on neck, arms especially because I had applied Surgi hair stop GEL in those times. I was at 185lbs.
Well, because of my negative attitude and backfiring diet plan i failed miserably and I gained fat again as cravings for flesh cam back :grin: So along with it came the hair as well.

I went to doctor for problems I was having and he prescribed me with Anti-Anxiety pill.
Now emotionally I am in much better state, but I do have hairs. I probably should go to Doctor and get my Testosterone tested.

But I feel that some of these methods below will help most of you as I have analyzed quiet a bit what went wrong with all these excessive hairs growing on me. These are my opinions and not Fact.
I have only posted natural solutions:

-Body Fat. If reduced should help in at least hair appearance.
-Friction or Stimulation. Too much will invigorate hair to grow more. So getting rid of hair without stimulation or pain should be encouraged as Friction can cause hair to grow back faster.
-Excess Stress or Anxiety should be discouraged. Negative emotions also can lead to anxiety. I mean think about it. Your heart is what controlls the growth of anything in your body as it is pumping blood throughout your body. If you are in negative state such as anxiety your heart is obviously beating at an ugly or unhealthy rate.
-Exercise and keep yourself busy with activities.
Fire that burns within has a lot to do with purifying and cleansing your body of ugliness.
-Drink plenty of water, eat or drink vegetables.
Avoid Junk Food.
-Fast for one entire day (eat at night only) once a week so that your stomach is clear of any toxins.
-Try Celibacy or at least reduce masturbation, sex
if getting too much of that like I was.
Key is moderation.
-Have patience for anything to work. I tried Surgi Hair stop Gel. It seems to work quiet well, but at first I was not sure until I continued for about 2-3 weeks. I lost interest in it as I did not liked its flowerly smell, but I am at it again.
-Last but not least, get yourself checked with your doctor if you have problems for prolonged periods of time which I am about to in some timeā€¦

Bye All. :grin: