Any "One Touch Users"?

Does anybody have any experience with the One Touch home electrolysis system? I tried mine out yesterday on a small area on my abdomen and forearms, maybe about 25 hairs total. During treatment it looked like white fluid would bubble from the follicle. The next day there is a relatively dark red spot where each hair was removed. Is this normal or is the setting to high? I tried different settings, usually between 4 and 6. I left the probe inserted approximately 20 seconds per hair.


Yes this sounds like you are doing it right.The dark mark should be just a scab,my scabs take between 12 and 48 hours to form (I have worked on my face) they will fall off in about a week.
One-touch really works but it can scar also.

Yes, the white fluid is normal and means it is working. The red dot is typical too. I used one touch diligently and had excellent, permanent results. It takes a while but it is worth it. I did get a few small scars, but as I had really dark hair on light skin, they are not noticable compared to the hair! It takes a while of practicing to get the needle going in properly but you get the hang of it. Also, some days the needle goes in easier than others. I have found that moisturizing a while before you do it helps. Also, a hot shower or a hot washcloth on the area beforehand can help. :slight_smile: