Any new info on ELOS (Aurora) results??? RJC, Andrea??

Hey there. I have been hearing such mixed comments on the Syneron Aurora DS that my head is spinning. I usually have my back waxxed in the summer. The last time I went, I asked about laser hair treatments. She (the owner)told me that they do it there and that they use this Aurora system. She also quoted me a good price compare to other places that use Light Sheer due to the fact that I’ve been a customer of hers for a few years now. Now I get that all the systems out there are hair removal machines, but which ones actually do permanently hair reduction. I believe Light Sheer makes that claim but that doesn’t matter to me so much because any company trying to sell something will exagerate. I want to hear from people who have received treatments from the Aurora system. What are your results so far? Is this just an expensive system equivalent to waxing?

RJC2001, your (and Andrea’s) imput have been very useful to me. I to an a dark skinned male so it makes it easier for me to relate. Have you been using the same system? Even though you have just started this year w/ the Aurora and seem to get good initial results, how are they now? I’m hoping that now that this system has been out for more than a year, that people would be able to see if all the system did was to stun the hair growth or if after a year, there hair has not grown back at all.

Thanks in advanced

So far so good for me. The Aurora for some reason worked better on my upper arms than the Lightsheer did and the Lightsheer is a great laser. The skin on my arms if probably a little bit darker than on my chest and back.

I would get a test spot done before deciding on a laser, especially if you are considering the Lightsheer. The Aurora causes less redness, pain and swelling than the Lighsheer does.

In another thread, Blaze stated that software updates for the Aurora will increase the maximum RF fluence to 25J would could increase the effectiveness even more.


Hi Plucky: If you are a dark-skinned individual, then IPL and Lightsheer are not really appropriate for you. Aurora is not a laser, but IPL which is many wavelengths of light bundled together. The best result you get with IPL is what you would get with waxing, which is to say you will have complet hair re-growth. If you had lighter skin, and the price of the Aurora treatment was the same as waxing, then that really isn’t such a bad thing, provided you didn’t want permanent hair reduction in the first place. As far as Lightsheer goes, it is a true laser (diode), and very effective at hair removal. The downside is that it is more appropriate for light skin/dark hair, because this wavelength (800nm) has a great affinity for melanin, so it will target the melanin in your skin, as well as in the hair. The settings that would have to be used are too low to effectively remove the hair, but any higher would result in possible blistering, hyper- or hypo pigmentation, scabbing, etc. Look for a practice that uses a long-pulse, high-powered NdYag 1064nm machine. This wavelength is ideal for darker skin types, and very effective at hair removal. Ciao! :wink:

Hey plucky, I can see why your head is spinning. On the one hand you have Rjc2001 stating that he loves the Aurora. He obviously has had personal expeience with many forms of hair removal, and is sharing his actaul experience as a consumer(which to me is the most important research there is). In addition he has a long term relationship with an experienced practitioner who is recommending the Aurora to him.
On the other hand is Hairfetish, an experienced practiontioner himself, stating that the Aurora is just a repackaged IPL that will end up giving results that are no better than waxing.
Maybe these two Titans of the Forum would honor us by having a polite debate on this String. Not just making statements, but actually defending their positions. What do you think?

There is the cool thing about this forum. Exactly that happens all the time here. People debate in a civil fashion their difference of opinion, experience, and view of the facts available on these subjects.

I sure will be happy to read what they both have to say.

I hope they do. Maybe then I (and many others) will be sure of which method to use.

I have to say that right now I am in shock at how well the Aurora is working. The treatment itself was the opposite of other methods in that, instead of traumatizing my skin, it rejuvinated it. Four weeks after one treatment I have seen about a 40% reduction in hair, and the regrowth is dramatically lighter and finer. I have tried many types of hair removal,from diode to electrolysis, and my hair has never responded like this. The claims by some that the results will end up being the same as waxing(none) don’t make any sense to me for a variety of reasons, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. RJC2001, are you seeing any signs that the hair removal is temporary like waxing?

Hairfetish, you stated that the diode lasers have an affinity for melanin which is true. But doesn’t the Nd;YAG have an affinity for melanin too? If not, what does it target to provide effective hair removal?


Hi All,

There is a similar debate going on at about the Aurora - more here have experinced its use. It would be nice if people here put in a contribution on consummerbeware and help extend the debate.

Better yet, the handful of consumers who read consumerbeware should come over here, where we have hundreds more members posting first-hand experiences, and we aren’t subsidized by hair removal practitioners.

Initial ELOS results are interesting, but we’ll need to see some real-world long term comparative data on their theoretical advantages before we can say anything definitive.

Those who can’t afford to risk time or money should give primary consideration to more established devices with proven track records and performed by experienced practitioners recommended by someone who is done and happy.

</font><blockquote><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>quote:</font><hr /><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”> RJC2001, are you seeing any signs that the hair removal is temporary like waxing? </font><hr /></blockquote><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Hi RJC! I’m also considering Aurora, when did you start & stop treatment? Seems to good to be true, but my main concern is that all the black & curlies will grow back! :fearful:

Hi Andrea,

I completely agree with your comments about ELOS. However there is a dearth of information from consumers or professionals. Hundreds/thousands of people are being treated commercially by this technology and it is surprising there is so little posting (good or bad) of individuals experiences.

People may not feel confident that their experiences are significant - and therefore not feel comfortable contributing their experiences. Well there is so little information out there that professionals are likely to pay very close attention to any post made.

I’m getting my second treatment with the Aurora on my beard the 15th. Still have about 30-35%reduction from my treatment 7 weeks ago. same thing with the patch test on my stomach I got 4 months ago. Looking forward to the next treatment on my face because in addition to the further hair removal, it rejuvinates and evens out my skin. I have no idea what people are experiencing when they say the are getting burned or hyperpigmintation from this machine. I am experiencing exactly what their press release stated which is a total shock to me. I’m still waiting for the regrowth that skeptics have told me I will get. Maybe it’s in the mail, but so far I couldn’t be happier. Of course I am looking for a drastic reduction in my beard and not bald. Like any laser, I’m sure you would have to finish with electrolysis to be totally clear. So far, however, this machine is giving me better results than any laser with much greater comfort and speed, and instead of damaging my skin it rejuvinates it. I am a CONSUMER. I don’t own a laser or practice electrolysis. My practitioner is a Dermatologist. I’m reporting my personal experience.

The regrowth rate on my chest and upper arms is a little bit less with the Aurora than with the Lightsheer, but both methods have worked very well for me. I disagree that Aurora is like waxing, it did not all grow back in a month. Far from it.

When I started with the Lightsheer, a lot of my chest and back hair had already been removed with the Apogee. So my Lightsheer and Aurora experiences relate more to thier effectiveness on finer hair than coarse hair.

I was experiencing diminishing returns with the Apogee and I did get quite a bit of redness and some scabbing with the Apogee treatments, but I had a lot more hair then too which increases the opportunity for redness and scabbing. The Apogee did not work as well on finer hair as the Lightsheer and Aurora did. I switched to the Lightsheer when my practitioner got it. The results were better so the diminishing returns problem I had with the Apogee was gone. I still had some stubborn regrowth but it was much improved. You have to be really aggressive with the Lightsheer to get results. I was treated at 45J with less redness and scabbing than with the Apogee at 40J.

This year I went with Aurora treatments because it is supposed to work better on finer and lighter hairs. I have found this to be true. And there is less redness and scabiing than with the Apogee or Lightsheer. Since the Aurora caused less scabbing and redness on dark skin (Type IV for me) I had my lower arms done too. I was able to wear short sleeve shirts right away. Nobody ever noticed that I just had a hair removal treatment. I work out with weights and wanted the increased muscular definition from going hairless. I had 30% reduction in my lower arm hair after just one treatment and I think that is a good results. I will continue treatments this winter.


It seems like the Aurora system is really starting to catch on. American Laser Centers are now using this machine in all of their clinics. This press release is from their website, and I have to again state that so far I have found this machine to do exacly what is stated in the following…"American Laser Centers is proud to present Aurora, the newest achievement to date in laser hair removal and FotoFacial® technology. As promised, American Laser Centers is committed exclusively to premiere technologies and excellence in laser hair removal, and skin rejuvenation. The Aurora reflects this furthering commitment. Aurora is unique in that it combines the technologies of both laser hair removal with skin rejuvenation to provide optimal results. Now you can avail yourself of the benefits of laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation in one elegantly administered procedure. The Aurora is the only system available today to employ ELOS (Electro-Optical Synergy) technology. ELOS combines RF (Radio Frequency) energy, already popularized in medicine, with optical energy to achieve an exceptionally effective, safe and affordable methodology for a broad range of aesthetic treatment applications.

Alone, RF and optical energy have limited effectiveness, but with ELOS technology, these well-known technologies work in conjunction to accomplish never before achieved results.

RF, typically used in FotoFacial®, is known to heat selectively hair follicles and bulge, blood vessels, and deep pigmented clusters, while leaving the melanin of the epidermis unaffected. RF heats deep collagen and connective tissue to attain smoother, fresher, younger looking skin unblemished by age or sun.

Optical energy, used in hair removal processes, provides high selectivity between the hair shaft and the dermis, and can be selectively absorbed by vascular and pigmented lesions to provide for permanent hair reduction.

Grouping these technologies together, the ELOS system provides uniform temperature across hair shaft and follicle for optimal hair removal and skin rejuvenation. The ELOS technology boasts greater treatment depth than optical energy alone, without causing skin damage, and while providing effective cooling to the epidermis to keep it from overheating. Because the Aurora uses less optical energy than other hair removal systems, it is actually more effective and it is safer. Aurora has FDA approval for permanent hair reduction (a claim very few hair removal systems can make)."

dear redhead,

can you please tell us where you found that claim that aurora is FDA approved for permanent hair reduction?

on both the FDA site and the syneron site (aurora’s manufacturer) they claim that the aurora is cleared - NOT for permanent hair reduction - but only for non-invasive hair removal. in addition, no professional i’ve seen uses the term “approved” to refer to FDA clearance.

furthermore, your claim was not on the american laser center’s site as you said it was.

please clarify, this seems to be an important issue.

I don’t know if they changed their website press release, but the part of my message with the quotes (") was cut and pasted from their website on that date. Call Syneron and ask them if you need to know for sure.