Any male electrolygists in the uk

i live in the midlands in the uk#
does anyone know of any male electrolygists? thanks

Hi! I don’t personally know of any male electrolysis practitioners in the UK, may I ask if there’s a particular reason for your preference?
As a member of the BIAE (British Institute and Association of Electrolysis) I can tell you that the majority of my colleagues see all gender types on a daily basis and offer a confidential service. I’m a fully inclusive practice and sole trader, with a treatment room in an office building rather than a salon environment, and open several evenings for clients who work during the day or prefer to visit when the building is quieter.
Several of my colleagues are based in and around the Midlands; if you go to the BIAE website you can search for a member by area. Most of us have a photo and profile available for further information.