Any info on "LaserLight"?

After reading this,

“In theory, the technician can choose between short, intermediate, and long wavelengths of laser light to use. A ruby laser produces a short light wavelength (694nm) and is good for removing relatively fine hair on people with Fitzpatrick skin type I-III (pale skin). Alexandrite lasers (755nm) are suitable for removing blond to light brown hair. Intermediate wavelength (800-900nm) diode based lasers are suitable for removing thicker hair with light to dark brown color in people with somewhat darker skin (Fitzpatrick skin type II-V). Long wavelength ND:YAG lasers (1064nm) are better for people with darker Fitzpatrick skin types IV-VI and relatively coarse hair fiber production that is dark brown to black in color.”

I am very interested in finding a certain clinic with a certain type of laser.

One clinic in my area uses a ND:YAG, but I have fair skin. I don’t think this laser is right for me.

Another clinic has LaserLight, I am having a hard time finding any info on this on the web. Does anyone know what type of wavelengths it uses?

I have fuzzy hair on the sides of my cheeks, beside my ears, and need hair on my neck and upper lip removed. The hair on my neck is almost black, the hair above my lip and on my cheeks are a dark brown. It’s nothing too terrible, but it’s noticeable on my fair skin, and I want to know the right laser to reduce the hair. Right now I have to shave the sides of my face and neck, and it’s prickly and causes pimples. My skin is very sensitive.

The only color hair really ANY laser can successfully treat is dark brown to black, with limited success in treating some light brown. The Yag is fine for your skin tone, safety-wise, but an Alex would probably give you better results. The coarseness of the hair really doesn’t matter. Just the color.