Any hairy men had success on back or arms long-term (3 plus years).

I am trying to gather information on whether any hairy man has had long term success on shoulders, arms, and backs for 2-5 years after treatment. I see lots of success stories from women, laser techs who do men, but very few men themselves. If you are a technician, please provide some kind of clinical background. My dog can give a testimonial. Lasers have been out for years and it is very hard to find any published long-term results. In my case, it did not work at all, and as I have stated before, I have no hormone or insulin problems, etc. It is hard to believe that every laser center you talk to has successfully treated thousands of men, but not one of them will show you medical evidence. Spare me the patient confidentiality crap. I have ordered my records and will be happy to let anyone who wants to see them once I receive them. The place I went is very reputable by the way. I look at everything as if I was in somebody else’s shoes. If I owned a laser hair removal clinic, I would gladly give a number of clients free treatments in exchange for advertising his/her success and releasing clinical data. I know almost every other kind of medical procedure does this. It would be very important to me to know that my procedure works and keep up with past patients progress. I would presently consider opening up a laser hair removal clinic right now, of course under the supervision of a doctor, but frankly, I am not convinced that the process works, especially on men. No amount of money that I could make is worth my integrity. There are doctors out there that get rid of laser hair removal all of the time, and many times you can find their used lasers on e-bay. For instance, why are there always so many gentlelase for sale? The “regular people” who have opened up laser clinics, with just a doctor’s supervision, have often times spent their life savings to open these clinics up. Unlike a doctor, they can’t afford to get rid of laser hair removal. To open a Sona for instance, is somewhere around $800,000. Do you expect them to tell you of their past failures?

Just to add a further note, the doctors that I went to for hair removal have sold off their hair removal business. They started over ten years ago with hair removal and since they are all opthamologists who also do lasik, have been involved with cutting edge lasers for over 20 years. When I asked them why they sold the hair removal they told me because of stricter laws requiring the doctor to be present. The hair removal was performed at a building, not office, that these doctors own, and unless off or on vacation, one of the several doctors would be there. It is my opinion that these doctors got rid of this part of the business because of complaints and results. Unlike a beauty spa, these doctors are not willing to hurt their reputation and mainstream income. These doctors are still very well known for Lasik and perform on local professional athletes, stars, and famous personalities. They have years of medical training, a couple of them from Harvard, and their training and credentials far outweigh any laser place I have ever seen. They also have a very good reputation, that is why I chose them.

I think all they need to do is just change their main selling point - that it’s not permanent!! Because it really isn’t. My skin was clear for a couple of months in between treatments, but then the hair growns back.

Laser treatments on eyes is mot permanent either, yet everyone thinks that it is.

check out the cosmetic enhancements forum and PM “Osh” specifically. He’s had good results on those areas.

I am a 36 year old male with a hairy back that treated with a diode laser approx 2 years ago. I had 4 treatments and I would say I have 60% less hair than before. I am a strawberry blonde with skin type 2 and a mix of some dark and some blonde hair. I am looking to do some more treatments now but am trying to decide on diode or sciton.

blond hair is very hard to treat with laser (or almost impossible) and Yag laser probably would not work at all. Diode is your best option, at high settings to get that hair. Alexandrite might work as well, also at high settings.