Any hair removal success stories? (permanent?) Fischer TS-1 anygood?

Anyone have Laser success, no hair regrowth? Anyone here have comments on the Fischer TS-1?

Uhurtme, the laser forum is filled with reports from satisfied consumers, though there are enough dissatisfied people to note that practitioner skill will make a big difference. There are no guarantees, either. Some don’t resoind to treatment.

The Fisher machine you mention is a good epilator, but again, electrologist skill is more important than the device they use.

Practitioner skill is surely the thing one wants to look for first. However, the machine used is important in that some machines help make up for some defects in practitioner skill, and they would also help a good practitioner in the same way that a better golf club would make Tiger Woods even more scary on the greens. Does anybody remember when Jimmy Connors went to the Aluminum Tennis Racket against people still using woods?

Just remember, highly skilled and talented people using the best equipment make everything look easy, and perfection becomes the mundane expectation. (Do you remember what your first thought was the last time you saw an NFL kicker miss an extra point, or a world champion skater fall on the ice?)