Any guys done their arms ?

and how successful was it ?

what is the “average” price for full arms ?

Success rates vary dramatically depending on your hair and skin color. The more specific you are, the more help people can give you. I have red hair on my arms, for instance and had decent results on my arms. The amount of actaul folicles was not greatly reduced, but the hair was dramatically lightened and thinned. This was about four years ago. I’m pretty happy with it, but as a redhead I am a poor candidate for the laser. If you have dark hair and light skin you can expect much better results then me. If you find a good doctor. Others can offer you advice on what laser you should use and what you can expect to pay if you give a little more information about yourself. Good Luck.

yeah i hear you.

i have dark brown hair and milk white skin(boy do i need a tan)

ive had 4 treatments on the chest/abdomen and other areas with decent results but im going to switch to another clinic just for the arms.they glide the handpeice rather then using compression but still it has thinned out 30-50% of the areas. plus their rates are real good so ill use them for another 3-4 treatments.

i ask about success rates with the arms b/c from what i’ve read(i may be wrong ) but it seems like the arms and legs are hardest to treat.

also i dont want to have an abnormal patchy look as the arms are very visible whereas the chest you can get away with it and hide it.i plan on doing this over the winter.

does anyone have a solid referral in new york metro area ?

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I’ve had my upper arms done with the Lightsheer with good results, but not as good as with my chest,back, and abs. I have been more aggressive treating the latter areas though with more treatments and higher fluences. Below 40J on my arms I did not see any results with the Lightsheer.

When the Aurora was available I wanted to try it so I had my arms done with it. There was very little scabbing with it so I decided to have my lower arms done too. I have darker skin (Type IV) on my arms and I impressed with the results. Even after one treatment on my lower arms,I have had about 30-40% hair reduction and will have more treatments next winter and spring. Having been in the sun my arms are really dark now so we decided to wait to get further treatments.

I have had noticeably better results on my upper arms too with the Aurora. One thing you will notice with the Aurora is that the hairs take longer to fall out than with the Lightsheer. It is normal and don’t worry about it. I still have a few tombstones left (little black dots where the hair was singed down to the follicle).

Based on my results so far with the Aurora I would recommend it. The Lightsheer would be 2nd choice but compression and long pulse settings should be used on the arms. That will cause less scabbing and be more effective. Since you have lighter sking the Lightsheer should give good results on the arms.

If you have any muscular development on your arms, you will like the results of going hairless there. It will increase muscular definition and make them look bigger. It will NOT make you look like a girl. Besides I notice that quite a few women and girls don’t remove their lower arm hair.


Thanks for the info RJC.

Anyone have experience at

They quoted me at $1500(5 treatments)full arms and hands.Does this sound about right ?

They use the Gentlase laser.Is this any good ? compared to the Lightsheer ?Whats the highest joule setting? I was getting treated with 45J with lightsheer.

Once upon a time the owner Sal used to post all the time on Kitty’s consumer beware web site - you can read about Kitty and her website on Andrea’s main hairfacts site.

though i don’t know anything about him and he may have been an innocent poster - but can’t help but wonder why he stopped?

Can you elebarate ?

Scam-artist ?

Did you have laser done there ?

I’ve been going to Advanced Derma-Tech in NYC for over two years and find them to be extremely professional. I’ve seen a 90 percent or greater reduction on my back, shoulders, chest and abs and am now treating other areas, including my beard.

Sal, who co-owns the business with his wife Jennifer, has battled some serious health problems in the past year and is no longer involved in the day-to-day operation. This is why he no longer participates on Kitty’s website.

Though I miss Sal, Jennifer is very skilled and thorough in her treatments. She’ll also do free retouches to get any missed spots after two weeks. This is the place many people go after bad experiences elsewhere.

I’ve had my arms done:

I’ve had 7 treatments now and it’s been a good experience.

However some hairs refuse to respond to treatment so the the past couple sessions have produced less dramatic results.

Overall my sessions with the Lightsheer system have convinced me that it is a safe mechanism for reducing hair growth. On the downside, it can take months (up to 2 years for 8 treatments) and may not achieve complete hair removal (most treated hairs do seem to come back, but as a lighter color).

The real question is, how long does it last? Will the natural repair mechanism of the body eventually replace all of the ‘damaged’ follicles?

(Edit: It cost me $1619 for a full-arm and hand treatment package at Advanced Laser Clinics almost 2 years ago. The package covered 5 treatments, and any needed subsequent treatments were included free, which I’ve had to use).

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Hi Vulpes

Looks like you’ve had good success with the arms.

I see that your legs have been BURNED though !

How did this happen and are they anywhere back to normal ?

The burns happened due to a nasty combination of things. First, it was a hot summer day, and after my treatment I had to sit on the treated area in traffic for 2 hours. Second, it was before I knew the value of ice packs. Third, because of the EMLA I wasn’t able to feel the damage, and exfoliated when I got home which irritated the burns even more. Fourth, a fault was suspected on the laser and it had to be sent in for maintenance after my treatment.

But, out of all my other treatments (over a dozen), I’ve never experienced any burns or hyperpigmentation.

It’s been a year since I was burned, and the scars are pretty much invisible. They were very visible for about 6 months after the injury.

I can’t stress enough the benefits of using ice packs before and directly after treatment with the laser. Like with any burn, the faster you cool the skin, the less damage is done, and the shorter the recovery time.


I am on my third treament at Advanced Laser Clinics on my full legs and I was wondering how far are you along and how are your results?

I saw your website and it looked great

Also they space me out 12-14 weeks for each treatment are they doing the same for u?

Ive been pretty happy and I have really thinned out after 3 so I hoping things turn out good?

Thanks and Keep up the good work on that website

Wow! I am so impressed with your web site! Those are the kind of postings that are so helpful. You’re getting the kind of results I would expect and I’m happy to see it (I work at a laser center using a Candela Gentlelase). Would you mind sharing what kind of camera and lighting you use for your photos? I’m not much of a camera buff and have never been successfull with my before and after shots being very true to life.
Keep up the good work.
By the way, I discourage my patients from using EMLA for a few reasons. I personally feel it is better to lower the energy level and treat to pain tolerence. I did one of my legs with EMLA and the highest setting the laser could go (18G/20j)and my other leg without EMLA at half the energy (18G/10j)as the other leg and my non-EMLA leg finished a full session sooner and my skin was in much better shape after each treatment. Most people can fairly easily tolerate a treatament at 10j. I feel that using the really high energy levels can be like beating a dead horse. It’s still a relatively new technology and we’re all still learning a lot. That’s why web pages like yours are so helpful. Thanks again!

Hi Isrldy!!
I am m/27, east indian origin… i have wheatish brown skin… I have alot of thick hair on my back that I wanna get rid of…
could you advice me on any permanent hair removal clinic around my area (chapel hill/ Durham/raliegh) in north carolina who could could give me permanent results… I do not mind traveling further upto greensboro/ charlotte if he/she is worth it…
thank you