any good electrolysis in Milwaukee thru madison area.

I am from the milwaukee area and I am looking for a good electrolysis. Madison is not far from me so i can make the trip if anyone knows of one. I want to do my chest and after reading me peoples result it seems that electrolysis is the best way to go…plz let me know if you know of any good elecrolysis.

My apologies for not having responded to this string sooner. I was not on the boards for a while, and so I missed these posts when they were new.

PHONE 608-274-9844

She is a member of the American Electrology Association, and the WI Electrolysis Association. I have not had work done by her, nor have I seen any clients who have, but I have heard good things about her from others from her state.

I am also happy to announce that I have found another electrologist in Wisconsin who I have actually had treatment with, and she says she has no problem treating men, women, and even does bikini area! Let me tell you, she is really good! My face is not easy to work on, and she did a wonderful job.

Rhonda Elmer LE
Electrolysis Center and Tanning
1601 Spring Square Alley
Monroe, WI 53566

Although she is not a member of the AEA, and is not a CPE, she is licensed in the state of WI, and a member of the Wisconsin Electrolysis Association. She even has a nice machine that will give you pretty comfortable treatments too. It is a Fischer computerized blend machine and although it is not as comfortable as the Silhouet-Tone VMC, or the Apilus SX-500, or, needless to say, Apilus Platinum, it is not that far behind.

If you are anywhere near the Madison/Monroe area, it would be worth the trip to see Rhonda. She even offers large treatment plans!

Just leave her enough time to eat a few times a day. I know you all could easily book up her entire week in no time.

thanks alot for giving me another electrolysis in my area. You said she worked on you and she did a good job. I was wondering what method those she uses. Galvanic, ther, blend??? I am looking into doing my chest and abdomen first. How does she works, quick or slower pace. And how much does she sharges an hour. I hope you can answer this questions since she worked on you. Thanks a lot again, you had been so helpful…

She does both blend and thermolysis. She allows the client to pick which she works in. Her pace is good. As far as speed goes she is fast, although she is no Fino Gior in the speed department (1,200 hairs per hour :eek: :o ), but neither am I :blush: :grin: