Looking for someone in Los Angeles to remove a few hairs around the nipples. I’m doing laser on other areas and am having great results (can swap recommendations if you’d like <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> )


Check out Tina Reynolds. She’s doing electrolysis on me in sensitive areas. She’s in the Westwood area. Here’s her website:

Zap Electrolysis

What about a good electrologist in the orange county area?

In Orange County,you might try Janice Bixler (714)526-0313. Shes in Fullerton and will work on men or women,all body areas.She and her daughter have removed most of my body hair and I am male.


Do you know which method she uses and her price range? Have you been happy with the results?

Here’s another more comprehensive listing for her from the electrolysis referral website:

Tina Reynolds Listing

I’m very happy with the results. One of the things I like about her is she’s very thorough. I know that description should probably apply to ALL electrologists, but after reading these forums for a short time, it seems that it doesn’t.

Meet with her. She gives a free consultation. I’m fairly certain you’ll like her.

By the way, if she doesn’t return your phone call right away, I think she’s on vacation this week. I don’t go back again until the middle of June.

Thanks. I emailed her and she already replied. She is on vacation until tomorrow she said.

She said she uses heat thermolysis and blend. Does anyone know if either of these are good for a few dark coarse hairs around the nipple (female)?

She also said that I need to shave about 1 week before, so that only the very tips of hairs are sticking out. I’m not sure about doing that since I don’t want to touch the light fine blondish hairs. I just want the dark ones removed. Can I just clip them shorter?

I think her prices are in line with others in this area, $25 for 15 mins and $60 for an hour.

Thanks a lot for the recommendation!

lagirl: Depending on exactly what you want, or, more specifically, how many “light fine blondish hairs” you have, you could have many of them removed as well. This would prevent them from thickening and darkening in the future, thus requiring more electrolysis if you still felt the need. Removing them now would only require electrolysis if your body produced new hair from current dormant follices. In females - as in males, though not through the same processes - these hairs could darken due to menopause, pregnancy, hormonal changes, or certain medications you may take. The choice is yours, however I would suggest (as others may) that you have as many of the lighter and thinner hairs removed as possible.

To the best of my untrained knowledge, both blend and thermolysis would do well in this area. Whichever method is chosen though will likely depend upon the practitioner.


Whether you decide to do some of the blonder hairs or not, you can definitely just clip the hairs shorter. Shaving isn’t necessary as long as they aren’t too long.

Thanks a lot for your replies. I will schedule my appt and will keep the board posted.

The reason for shaving is so that the electrologist is positive she is only working on hairs in the active growth stage. This is the stage a hair needs to be in for electrolysis to work.

If all you do is clip the hairs shorter, she will have no way of knowing if these are new growing hairs or old hairs (ie, in the "resting’ stage or the “shedding” stage).

She can still do electrolysis on resting- or shedding-stage hair, but it will have no effect and you will be paying for that time for nothing.

Had my first appointment/consultation yesterday. We did just one nipple area and will see how it goes before I continue. So far, I applied antisptic last night and this morning. The area looks fine, just with red dots everywhere the needle was inserted. How long does it take for the dots to go away?

She used blend on me this time and it took about 10 minutes for this area.

Did you use any anesthetic? How was the pain level?

No anesthetic. It wasn’t painful for me at all. Just felt a bit of electricity here and there. She said that it’s probably because I plucked there before. I have a high tolerance for pain though and we talked the whole way through, so that helped probably. I wasn’t paying much attention to the pain.

I find that the red dots… and bumps which may occur after… can last anywhere from a day to three weeks. Don’t be concerned if they don’t go away immediately… they will!

Thanks. I think they’re already starting to fade, and it’s the second day. I will keep this updated. Thanks for the recommendation. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

So, just giving an update. I’ve had a bunch of treatments since I last posted here. I’ve been working on nipple area and upper lip, and recently added stomach (finishing what remains after laser) and eyebrows. in addition, i’ve had a few fine hairs removed from underarms now that I’m done with laser. I go to Sabrena Smith in Los Angeles and she uses thermolysis/microflash with the new Apilus machine on all areas on me.

Currently, the nipple area is pretty much done. It’s been about 9 months since I started on this area. I probably had about 10 sessions, but most of them were only 5-10 mins. I plucked before, so this area was tougher than upper lip which I haven’t touched before, only bleached. Upper lip has been great overall. It’s pretty much done after only 6-7 treatments. There are a few occasional hairs once a month maybe, but more like 2 months. I had fine but black hairs there.

I got about 40-50% reduction on the stomach area with laser after 4-5 treatments, but I have pretty fine hair there. Now, I’m finishing with electrolysis. I’ve had 3 one-hour treatments so far and am almost done with first clearance (should add that during parts of those 1-hr treatments I also cleaned up strays on nipple area and did eyebrows, so no full hour, more like 45 mins on stomach each time). Everything seems to be going very well. My hair responds very well to electrolysis and my skin handles it very well too. I notice that when I start treating an area, I will get some scabs in a day or 2, but the skin seems to get more used to it on following treatments, so I get less and less each time, and sometimes none at all! I’m going on vacation to Brazil/Argentina in mid-April and should be able to wear a bikini with no problems <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />