Any good electrologist in Milwaukee Area?

I am looking for an experienced electrologist in milwaukee

pls help me in this regard

Hopefully someone will give you some names from personal experience. I have not had work done by anyone in your area, and have not seen any clients who have. Furthermore, the only names I even know from anywhere close to you would be from SUAMICO or MADISON.

You may have to be the one who takes one for the team here, and does the consultations of the practitioners in your area, and posts your experiences here for the rest of us.

James W. Walker VII if you have names in the Madison area I would be interested to here them.

I was surprised to find so many electrolists in the area and am trying to cut it down to a resonable number before going in for consultations.


I am from the milwaukee area and I am looking for a good electrolysis. Madison is not far from me so i can make the trip if anyone knows of one. I want to do my chest and after reading me peoples result it seems that electrolysis is the best way to go…plz let me know if you know of any good elecrolysis.

My apologies for not having responded to this string sooner. I was not on the boards for a while, and so I missed these posts when they were new.

PHONE 608-274-9844

She is a member of the American Electrology Association, and the WI Electrolysis Association. I have not had work done by her, nor have I seen any clients who have, but I have heard good things about her from others from her state.