Any good electrologist in Denmark (Scandinavia)?

Hi! I’ve decided to do electrolysis and from what I’ve read, the results are really dependent on how good your electrologist is… However, I haven’t found many places which offer electrolysis as laser treatments here in Denmark and therefore I find it hard to know whether they are good or not. A lot of them are doing electrolysis in their salon along with facial treatments, waxing etc… So for this reason I’m a bit doubtful about their level of expertise…

So have anyone heard about a good electrologist in Denmark and Scandinavia???

If not, what sorts of questions etc should I ask them to be sure that they are some what qualified? What should I be looking for in them? I’m planning on contacting several and ask them questions to know how long they’ve been doing electrolysis, hw their results are etc. before I choose one…

Thanks i advance.

Even though they may not be doing electrolysis full time you may still be lucky enough to find a good practitioner as many combine electrolysis with beauty therapy.
So going from what you say and there is no specialised electrolysis clinics, you are best to have several consultations with a test patch. At consultation you should have a full explaination of what’s involved with a treatment plan, always have a test patch insertion of probe should be smooth with no tugging of hair. Trust your instincts as in are premises clean, good lighting, prep of skin before and after. Have a look through the forum for more tips.
Lastly if you do find someone who is good ask if you can post their details here.

Yeah I’ve found one who does electrolysis and she does some therapy as well… She claims that she got over 40 year of experience … Thanks for the reply. I’ll try to contact this person and book a consultation. If I can I’ll post the info heree…

What is best for facial hair, thermolysis or blend?

Is electrolysis okay to do if I am on sprinoloctone? we do not know what is casuing me this hair growwth, but it keeps getting worse. i’ve been checked for pco but I do not have it…

Both methods work well, as long as insertions are smooth and there is no tugging on the hair.

Are you on sprinolocotone as a androgen inhibitor, if so I gather you have had blood work done with an endocrinologist. Has your hair growth been getting worse over a long period of time, or in the last 12 months?

I actually don’t know? :confused:

My hair growth got a bit bad 3 years ago, but it wasn’t that bad. Then over a year ago I started to get some on my chin (I already had small tiny tiny hair on my cheeks, a little on the upper sideburn, where it is normal, on the skin patch between my eyebrow and hairline and on my stomach along arms and hands). I was then checked for PCO in May, got the negative result in August, that my hormones were fine.

In October (2012) I got laser on my chin and a few days after, I had sideburns all the way down to my jaw line, along my jaw line, my hairline increased, I got a lot more hair over my eyebrow, on my arms, back, neck, throat and on my stomach and these were long hairs. Ever since it’s only gotten worse. The hairs has gotten longer and longer on my face and they grew quicklier too. On my body they got more thick too and 2 weeks ago there 4 4 cm long and dark hair appeared on my throat. This week they are even longer on my cheeks. It’s horrible and they’re black since I am of Indian origin. No one is this hairy in my family except for my bro.

I got on sprionolocatone on 7 of February and I take 50 mg every day. On thursday I am meeting with my skin doctor. He says that there is no explanation and it can not be the laser that caused all this hair growth on all of my body. My hormones are apparently fine, I got them checked in November and in December by a doctor and a skin doctor . It’s so frustrating and I’m not seeing any results with the medication as there can go up to 14 months before it works.

I feel that my hair grows, after I’ve eaten things with sugar as cake, candy etc. My skin doc tells me that it’s just a coinsidence, but I ate a loot of sweet things when I had laser done once! ;( Now I still eat it a couple of times during the week, but not as much as before, and I feel that it helps. However, earlier (before medication), when i had not eaten sweets etc, I felt that the hair still grew.

Sorry for the rant, I’m just frustrated and want to feel like a women again and be able to go out in the sunlight and wear my hair in a ponytail and not constantly hide from people…