Any good clinics in Orange County, CA??

Looking for some good recomendations to embark on a brazillian! orange County, CA

Hi. I’m a male in North OC and I’ve started looking into a good clinic in the area. Maybe we can help each other out if we find someone we like. I posted in here previously looking for a place in OC and didn’t get any responses. I’ve checked out a couple of websites that were listed in a local magazine, but I haven’t visited any places yet. From the websites, I’ve eliminated a couple though (that’s a start!). I hope to find somewhere soon before the summer starts. Please keep in touch and good luck!

use some of my suggestions on how to find places in your area. check the last posting in this thread:

p.s. there were bad reviews for ALC and SONA in OC, Contours, and Celebre. so stay away from those.

Thanks! I started checking out these sites. I’ll let you know what I find. So far, I found a couple that look better than my prior searches.

After reading all the helpful info on this site, I checked out about six places for full brazilian laser. I posted earlier on my first three consultations.) To recap: female, type 3 with light skin, dark coarse hair, asian, 44 years old.

I decided to go with Laser Touch Medical in Costa Mesa after a test spot ($50) to see if it would work and pain tolerance. The results from the test spots showed noticeable shedding in two weeks. Yes, it did hurt a bit, but compare that to waxing.

The nurse used a light sheer diode-I think 14 j on the labia/perian and 16 j on the other areas and 30 ms. Noticeable shedding in two weeks, third week now about 90% reduction. I’m happy with these results and have another treatment scheduled during the 9th week-I’m on vacation then so I can’t do the 8th week.

I went with 5 sessions for $600 and the $50 test spot cost was credited to the $600. So $120/session. At the original consult, Dr. Hakimian thought that five sessions would be enough and we could add additional sessions if needed for the same cost.

I don’t know about the cost for male brazilians or if they do those, but wouldn’t hurt to ask. Dr. Hakimian has four offices (Santa ana/Costa mesa, Encino, Beverly Hills, and Pasadena) and they are in Orange County on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

FYI Also-another clinic that did a test spot used a yag laser, which many here don’t advise. It did shed, but later I did notice that some hairs appeared to be growing back, so everyones advice was correct! It looks like the light sheer diode has removed those re-growing test spot hairs, so we’ll see.

I’ll post my 2nd session results with Laser Touch in early August.

Yag is a good laser, it’s just better for darker skin types where others can’t be used. it has a bit of trouble with finer hair, but it’s good on coarse hair and the only option for darker skin.

now, are you sure you’re getting treated with LightSheer at only 14 to 16 joules? Those settings are good on GentleLASE, but considered very low on LightSheer, especially for type III. You can easily be treated at 25-30 joules if you’re really a type III skin. Don’t get undertreated, as the hair won’t get damaged. You should also expect hair to look like it grew back every time for a few treatments, only a bit less and more sparse since it’s NEW hair that was dormant before that you’re seeing after shedding. (if it grows 5-6 weeks after treatment and shedding are complete, not right after treatement). So you assessment of a Yag laser is not really accurate if you only had one treatment. If you saw shedding, you were seeing at least some results.

thanks for your feedback and keep us updated. also, it’s not that important if you get treatments at 8th or 9th week. as long as they’re not months and months apart. you should basically be going in when you see enough hair grow in to justify a treatment.