Any experience with Reveal or American Laser?

I am thinking of laser hair removal for my face. I have skin type III and dark hair. I live in Maryland and got some consultation from two laser centers: Reveal (Alase and former SonaDC centers) and American Laser Center. Did anybody have any experience with these centers? Reveal uses Apogee and American Laser uses Lightsheer laser. In both centers nurses do the treatment. Especially since it is my face, I really want to make sure the treatments won’t leave any scars or cause other problems. American laser has a guarantee for two years, which means after 6 treatments within 2 years I can have more treatments for free in the case of hair growth. On the other hand, Reveal is more expensive and no guarantee. However, they look more professional. Does anybody know any better places than these two in DC or Maryland?

i personally do not like chain clinics. i feel you don’t get personal treatment you deserve for the money you’re paying. with hair removal, you need to find someone who will be personally interested in your results. guarantees in this business don’t mean anything since laser doesnt work on everyone. in addition, on a woman’s face, if too low settings are used, there have been reports of stimulating more growth. so it’s very important to find someone who is experienced and knowledgeable to set the settings correctly to achieve best results for you.

if you run a search on this and the cosmetic enhancements forum, there was recently a mention of a very reputable laser hair removal place in Washington DC (Dr. Battle and Dr. Harris of CulturaMed in Washington DC.) I believe the doctor there is one of the most experienced in hair removal and I have read good feedback on it even from people with dark african american skin.