Any Advice?

Hi all,
I’ve been having electrolysis sessions on my upper lip recently. I’ve had 5 sessions so far and tomorrow will be my 6th. My main concern right now is sometimes I feel the hair being tugged on to get out. I wouldn’t say the hair is being plucked because I definitely know what that sensation feels like, but is there really a difference in terms of the hair being treated? She said she uses blend. Sometimes when there is a hair that is resistant, she reinserts the probe so the hair is fully treated and slides out, other times it is tugged on to get out. Is this bound to happen with some hairs or is this completely unacceptable? How do I bring this up without insulting her, and why are some hairs more resistant than others? Any advice is welcome.

If some hairs are sliding out nicely that is a good sign, the other hairs are likely telogen hairs, the root is quite dry because they are at the end of the life cycle and that is likely what you are feeling.

How is your skin after the treatment? Does it recover well? Are you seeing a slight decrease in the amount of hair after your treatments?

One more thing, if you have a high density of follicles in the upper lip area, 500 follicles per square inch, typical of Mediteranean, Middle Eastern and East Indian (etc.) ethnic background, the noticeable decrease in hair seems to take some time.

One would have to already have reduced the amount of visible hair below 51% before the average person would notice a difference with the causal view of the treatment area.

Thanks for the replies. My skin seems to recover pretty well. I get those annoying red bumps the next day that dry up and flake off, but those usually go away within the next 2-3 days. If the hairs I feel being tugged on are telogen hairs, should I not bring this up to her?

If a hair has been zapped unsuccessfully and is then plucked you won’t necessarily experience this as a typical pluck (there might not be any sensation) because the area can be de sensitised but it may be a pluck just the same.A pluck or pop. If you feel resistance it’s not a good sign. I find some telogens to be tricky when they are on their last legs.

i’m starting to wonder if i should do laser to get rid of the bulk of the dark and coarse hair and then continue with electrolysis afterwards for the lighter hairs. seems like this process would move a bit quicker. i’ve had laser done over a year ago and saw results but couldn’t continue because i didn’t have the funds. i think i’ll look into it again.

Are you male or female? If you’re female, please post photos. Most women don’t have course enough hair on these areas for laser to work.