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Hi everyone,
So I went to an electrologist, I asked her a variety of questions
She uses insulated IB probe electrolysis - I asked her to explain - she told she’d inserting a fine needle into hair follicle and zapping it ( which cuts off the blood supply to the follicle).She has 28yrs of experience. I asked her about after treatment care - she asked me to use ice and fudic bnf cream. And she did the whole free trial thing - she was good with her technique. She has teenagers coming in as well. My gut feeling is she knows her technique but I was not too sure about the whole after care thing - ice never helped me when I’d get threading done it’d cause small staph infection induced pustules. A simple google search tells fudic bnf cream is a steroid and I’m not comfortable using a steroid on my face. I do have acne which flares up from time to time when I’m extremely stressed or have a bad diet or sleep at odd times or when my face is exposed to dust. But having proper life style solves my acne issue. She uses good lighting and magnification glasses too. And she also tells me my skin is dry and it’d help reduce the pain if I used moisturizer and my facial hair could be reason for the acne on my cheeks, where the follicle is exposed to dust.

Also is it safe to cling wrap an anesthetic on the face? Cause I keep reading contradicting articles on the internet.
I watched Ms.Josefa’s video on after care - she uses bepanthol cream unfortunately its not available in India. Is there an equivalent to it? I searched for its chemical equivalent dexpanthenol cream there’s nothing available. :confused:

Any insight on anything I’d greatly appreciate. There isn’t much of community on electrolysis in India - one of the reasons for mythe anxious queries. Thank you so much.


Watch Michael Bono’s video on The Healing Skin. It’s on YouTube.

We all have different aftercare preferences. For my women of color especially, I am a real fan of using small dabs of tea tree oil and then applying cold pressed refrigerated aloe vera gel right over top of that. I instruct my clients to use the tea tree oil and COLD aloe vera gel at bedtime and then the cold aloe ONLY, as liberally as you want, through out the day, for about three days. The coldness of the aloe vera gel is really helpful to calm down the pigment cells and it also hydrates the skin. It hydrates as well. See how it works with your acne situation. I like this routine and clients don’t complain of scabbing or those darn white pustules very much.

The very process of electrolysis can help clear the acne. Many times my acne prone clients tell me that electrolysis has helped their acne. I just smile because I get this feedback frequently, but I never promise that a side effect of electrolysis is improving the acne monster.

If you use aloe vera gel, make sure the first ingredient listed is aloe and apply it with clean applicators or fingers.


Thank you. I’ll surely look up the video right away. Just today I was going to scrape out aloe Vera gel from my aloe plant
I guess I’ll need to get to it :slight_smile:


Dee how do you explain the reduction in Acne from electrolysis? I have noted this as well, but the only reasonable theory I have is that the sebaceous gland ( which is often overactive leading to acne manifestation) gets disabled through the process of electrolysis.

Malls : Anesthethic used under cling film is fine, just please dont over do it. Keep the areas covered to less than that of an A4 piece of paper, and do not cover areas with mucas menbranes such as female genitals. There is one recorded death from lidocaine abuse of product, where someone died n th way to their laser treatment from wrapping themselves navel to toes in lidocaine and cling wrap. Keep it reasonable, and is quite afe, maybe test a small area a few days before to make sure you dont react badly to lidocaine.
IBL probe adds up to a very CLUED electrologist,they are however no longer made. And I agree with everything Dee said about aftercare!


I do think the energy affects the sebaceous glands, as well! Maybe not all of the sebaceous glands, but enough where a difference is seen in most clients. It’s a great bonus for many.


Following up on Dee’s comment, here is Mike’s helpful video:


Thanks Andrea for posting that. I play Mike Bono’s info for my clients frequently as Im working on them. People just freak out about red dots, small scabs and white pustules. Some get these skin manifestations and some don’t. The ones who do, need to be reassured that it is only temporary and all will be well.

Mike Bono gave us all a real gift when he made these YouTube videos. Thank you Brother Bono.


Thank you.