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Hi Im new here, and I thought I was alone until I found this site. I am 22 have red hair and very pale skin. I have the most hair, it is thick and black and most of the folicles have two or three hairs sticking out of them. I used to shave but would get rashes (even using gel) and the regrowth would be back in less then 12 hours and painfully sharp. So I tried the hair removal cream- did a patch test, no probs, left on for the minimum time and it burnt a lot of the skin off of my legs, and removed very few hairs. And the regrowth was painful. I have tried waxing and sugaring, both at home and in a salon and although I know the people are well qualified and been doing it for years, not all of the hair comes out and in both cases, I am left with massive spots with heads all over my legs which take weeks to go down and the hair regrows after less than a week. I have been epilating for a year, but it is still soooo painful that I cry the whole way through. I can only do half a leg each day as the pain is so bad and again it lasts less than a week. Through this I also have massive problems with ingrowing hairs which give massive red painful spots and my legs are covered with scars. I had been on dianette for 4 years, but they took me off as they found there was an increased risk of stroke and put me on Logynon which has increased the hair growth massively so when I go back I am going to ask to go back on dianette. Im really sorry about the massive post! Its just that I get so upset about it, I hate my body because of it. I just wondered if anyone has any advice at all.

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Hi Laura:

Sounds like we have the same hair and skin color. I have found that the best thing for my legs is to moisturize, exfoliate with body scrub in the shower, and use Tend Skin or something similar. It really helps with my red bumps and ingrowns.

As far as pain, I don’t know if you know this, but redheads need more anesthesia when getting procedures done, so it’s not uncommon for us to have lower pain thresholds. I have a big section on pain management tips on my main site;

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Thank you for your advice! I didn’t know that red heads have a lower pain threshold, sure explains a lot of things! Can you get tendskin in the UK or do you know of any similar products available here? I do exfoliate, but I found that moisturiser makes my skin greasy and my legs tend to break out. I will have a look at the pain managment link (thank you!) and I have decided that when I have the money, I will try electrolyis. Is it relly perminent? I just cant believe that there is a way out there!!

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this is very random, but how do you know that redheads have lower pain thresholds? that’s interesting. do you knwo about other haircolors? I’m very brunette and thinking about electrolysis. How about dark brown hair?

There are a few different research projects that say that hair and eye color are somehow indicators of pain tolerance.

If I remember what I read properly, the lowest pain threshold would be on a blue eyed redhead. The highest on a brown eyed brunette.

thank you! that’s very good news, as I’m a brown-eyed brunette.

haha i am a brown eye brunette girl too and apparently my electrolygist says that, in her office, i am one of the few that can tolerate really high settings with electrolysis. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" /> hehe yay!

Ok well Ive got the lower leg down well its just my thighs. I attempted my bikini line once- never again, even with all of the pain management tips. The funny thing is that I just had a tattoo on my tummy and it didn’t hurt at all. Weird that epilating hurts more than a tattoo! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />