Anxiety and stress

I am a half-Mexican girl living in Denmark with millions of those long-legged, blonde, flawless, HAIRLESS Danes. Either I need to continue my research on lasers or I need to move to some central American country like Guatemala where I might blend better! :wink:

Some of my relationships have suffered and continue to suffer from low self-esteem due to my hair. I don’t do well with physical intimacy because I’m scared about what he might feel… :frowning:
I guess I didn’t really have anything to say but this forum is called “Share your feelings” so I guess I’m safe by posting this here. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am so grateful for everyone’s honesty and openness. I have no one to share these problems with and it’s such a relief to find everyone here.

We are glad you joined our merry band. You are correct, you will find many people to talk to about issues related to hair and dealing with both emotions, and solutions here. Use this resource to the fullest. You can have private chats with the members whose posts you find interesting enough to wish conversation outside of the public forum, and you can also click over to for even more information.

I would also like to say that I am one of many guys out there who don’t find hair growth on a woman to be any big deal. It would not figure at all in my dating her or asking her out. It just would not be something that I had an opinion on one way or another.

As an electrologist, I would of course (when we have the kind of relationship where such topics can be discussed) ask her if she is interested in having anything removed for her own purposes, but I would not think that anything HAD to be done about it for her to be considered beautiful by me.

If I were visiting your area, we might get together and do a clearing, but the best I can offer at this time is a cyber hug and best wishes on behalf of our little hair club here.

I want to welcome you and thank you for posting! There are obviously a lot of us who deal with unwanted hair, and I know what it can be like to have a LOT more hair than most others around you! Just take a look around and you’ll find plenty of help and hope here!