Antibiotic powder after electrolysis?


Eeva from Finland sent me the following in March:

“My electrologist has given me very useful advice on skin care right after an electrolysis session: she told me to use a local antibiotic powder in small amounts to treated area so as to reduce the chance of inflammation. The powder contains bacitracin and neomycin + maize powder, which soaks up the fluid oozing from my skin. She specifically told me not to use any cortisons. I have very problematic skin and I was very doubtful if I could get through electrolysis at all. But with thinning out technique+local antibiotics I’m managing it. No serious side effects yet, and I don’t have to shave that much (which, incidentally, also irritated my skin).”

I haven’t tried this myself, but it’s something to ask your doctor about if you’re having excessive irritation.