Anti-Androgens Post Orchiectomy?

Hey all. I’m a MTF transgendered person. I had an orchiectomy done last May, and am, of course, currently on estrogen therapy. My body hair has reduced since the surgery; it’s now finer, sparser, and slowing down a lot. However, I still have chest and stomach hair that I do not like. My question is, will taking anti-androgens help thin this out even more, or should I just wait longer and see how I do? My face is about 95% cleared by electrolysis. I had the surgery specifically to avoid having to take drugs like Spiro, but if it would help it’s not out of the question. My t-levels were at 33 last time I checked. My doctor said “oh, it wouldn’t hurt” but didn’t seem to have much info in this area. Any advice?


Would you know what units that T-level was in? Where did it stand on the normal scale for women? Once I was down to 20Ng/Dl while on spiro, and that was in the lower range for women. I haven’t gotten a post surgery blood reading yet to compare.

If it is in the lower range for women, then you probably don’t require an anti androgen. If you took something like spironolactone it probably wouldn’t hurt, and you may not need much. It acts as a hypertensive and will lower blood pressure. You would also have to urinate more frequently.
Some people experience some dizziness when taking it.

I think that it takes a long time for hair to thin out, so probably you need to give it some more time. I was hoping to get some comments with long term hair growth post surgery on the other thread, so hopefully some of those women will post their experiences there.


Now, in July, 14 months after my orchiectomy, my testosterone level is at 26 with no anti-androgen. I took very sick for a while, and tragically allowed myself to be talked into using Androgel to see if it would help (it didn’t, but the doctor was convinced I took sick because I couldn’t tolerate estrogen.) All that happened was that I regrew most of my body hair over about a two week period. I stopped the stuff immediately, but it’s too late. I’m back on the Vivelle Dot patches, but am basically back to square one when it comes to feminization. I’ve got fibromyalgia, btw.

Please do a full body cleans with special attention to Liver, Gallbladder and Colon. No one needs to live with FMS. As you do your cleansing, purge things like artificial sweeteners and as many chemical additives from your life. You will be amazed at how quickly you start to feel better.

Do you have more info on such cleansing (other than the chemicals issue)? Are you talking colonics? Or just the issue of non-organic foods? You say “No one needs to live with FMS”; is it curable or just containable? I am unclear, but optimistic. Thanks.

We both live in the Facist States of America. As such, my freedom of speach is double plus protected to the point that I can not use such words as “CURE”.

You do, however live in the land of the wonderful “Whole Foods Store” franchise, and you can get all the products and information you need at the nearest WFS location. Just tell them that you need a full body detox including Liver, Kidney, Gallbadder, Colon and Fat Cells. You will do much more than a colonic or two, you will also do juice fasts, natural mixtures that will cleanse and restore your liver and in 30 to 90 days, you can find yourself wondering why it took you so long to feel so much better if it was this easy to do. A horribly unavoidable side effect will be losing about 15 to 20 pounds as well.

Oh, yeah, you can’t ever ingest artificial sweeteners again, you should avoid MSG, and any microwaved foods as well. Before the Gestopo finishes breaking down my door, if the label says “Natural Flavors” don’t you believe it! If they were natural, they would tell you what they were!

<CRASH> <BANG! Bam>…I mean, please disregard the previous insane remarks, break open a flavor packet and get all the flavor and enjoyment of those excitotoxins, and you don’t need to know what is in a McDonalds shake besides Milk Products and Sugar. The rest would bore you to tears, and take up too much space to print. Oh, and LASER is safe and effective on your eyelashes.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled forum. Buy American!

Thanks, but I got better without doing any of those things…and if getting better meant a lifetime spent on bizarre diets, potions, herbal nostrums, and fasts…I’d much rather be dead. I don’t go for the Whole Foods stuff, sorry. I used to work there, and you can find a bigger bunch of hypochondriac shoppers anywhere else in the world.

At any rate, I am much, much better now due to my doctor and my own hard work. Pain medicine, physical therapy, and rest has improved me by about 90%. I may never be totally well again (FMS never goes away) but I’m ready and able to start work again, and no longer need medicine at all.


I just wanted to say that I am glad that you are OK.

That is good news. I wish you luck on your journey.


No lifetime on bizzare diets needed, however, fast results require more effort than a general turning around.

Eat clean real food and get pure water and you won’t ever look back.

Thanks! I sounded a bit bitchier than I meant to in my last post, sorry. I know you meant well.